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When the Sky Falls Promo Blitz

By Lorana Hoopes Thriller / Espionage / Conspiracy / Historical Date Published: March 24, 2017 “What makes you believe a lie? I’m not asking how you know someone is lying. What makes you believe? Because if you don’t understand how... Continue Reading →


With Russia In The Mix, This Far Surpasses Watergate

By Jason Taylor Watergate occurred in a different era. Yes, Americans were on the same page when it came to political malfeasance made manifest with the tapes. And yes, cover-ups and bribery are high crimes and misdemeanors. But so is... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump: The Real “Nut Job”

By Jason Taylor It is apparent to most sane, intelligent people, that Donald Trump is crazy, a real nut job, and of lower than average intelligence. That is especially true if Trump imagines that his absurd, improper firing of Comey... Continue Reading →

Trump ALSO Asked Comey About Arresting Reporters

By Susan Kuebler There has been so much controversy swirling around Donald Trump's comments, activities, and tweets over the last week alone that most people are pretty much overloaded with things to be outraged about.  Small wonder that one of... Continue Reading →

Trump Should Do The Country And Himself A Favor: Resign

By Jason Taylor Donald Trump doesn’t like being President. Donald Trump likes playing golf, watching lots of TV, and not having to answer to anyone. Trump doesn’t look healthy. He’s bloated, orange, and clearly in some sort of emotional distress.... Continue Reading →

Trump Goes On First International Trip

By Andrew Witzel The POTUS has left for his trip and ahead of him was weeks of preparation by staffers and foreign delegations in an effort to ease Trump into the delicate world of international diplomacy. His itinerary takes him... Continue Reading →

Where It All Began Promo Blitz

By Lorana Hoopes Christian Fiction Date Published: re-released April 2017 Publisher: H&H Publishing Sandra Baker thought her life was going perfectly until she found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend doesn’t want the baby and pushes her to have an... Continue Reading →

Dispatches: Trump’s House of Cards Is Falling Down

By Kevin Bailey The following account is culled from communications with one person who works inside Trump's White House, whom I call "TP" (for "The Person"). It is not double- or triple-sourced, and thus should be taken as RumInt, and... Continue Reading →

Trump’s First Overseas Visit – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Susan Kuebler On Friday May 19 Donald Trump et al. are scheduled to depart for an ambitious eight-day visit to no less than six countries overseas.  Trump will be accompanied by his wife Melania as well as most of his... Continue Reading →

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