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A Time of Dying: The Rest of the Story

Micki's story has been a part of my heart for many years now, and seeing so many people read at least part of my little story (over 1,000 viewed the last chapter I posted, "The Fight") just means so much to me. For some context, I started writing this story right after I graduated from college, almost 19 years ago. My father, with whom I was very close, had passed away suddenly one year earlier, shattering my faith, and sending me spiraling into a depression so deep it nearly took my life. Just over a year later, a tragic car accident in the small Kansas town I grew up in took the life of a little boy, and I began to write this story.


Venezuela: While You Were Sleeping…

By Susan Kuebler [Warning: graphic images] While you were sleeping, thousands of people continued massive protests against the socialist regime of President Maduro in Venezuela. While you were sleeping, starving people scavenged through garbage for scraps of food in Venezuela. Continue Reading →

Trump’s Pathetic, Pitiful Pennsylvania Ploy

By Susan Kuebler Today Donald Trump tweeted out (naturally) his plans to hold a rally in Pennsylvania next Saturday, April 28th. Now there is nothing newsworthy about Donald Trump continuing to hold rallies, even after he won the election. ... Continue Reading →

Capitalism: The Eco Friendly Option

By Christa Castrignano Today is Earth Day, a day raising awareness about environmental and climate issues around the globe.  It is also a day that those of a liberal persuasion rail against capitalism and big business, arguing that they are... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Is Not Winning

By Jason Taylor I always find it interesting how people can have such different impressions of a person like Donald Trump. His dishonesty alone was enough to disqualify him in my eyes regardless of his party label. I would not... Continue Reading →

Trump’s 100-Day Performance Review

By Susan Kuebler Nearly every working American has been there.  You aced the job interview.  Okay, maybe you exaggerated your qualifications and accomplishments a bit.  But you got the job, so it's all good, right?  Not exactly.  In many cases,... Continue Reading →

Obamacare “Repeal And Replace” Collapsing the GOP

By Andrew Witzel Since the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) passed, the GOP has essentially been saying the same thing, over and over, like a broken record. Repeal and Replace On Wednesday of this week, moderate and conservative Republicans revived... Continue Reading →

Health Care: The GOP Death Panel Tries Again

By Jason Taylor I guess the White House and Republican representatives learned nothing from the outrage their last health care proposal engendered in their constituents. Rather than work cooperatively with Democrats to fix the problems with the Affordable Care Act... Continue Reading →

Will Pope Francis Meet With Donald Trump?

By Susan Kuebler Many eyebrows were raised when Trump's itinerary for the G-7 meeting in Italy, scheduled for late May, did not include the traditional meeting between the President and the Pope at the Vatican.  Meetings between Presidents and Pontiffs... Continue Reading →

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