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Moderate Meets America



Me: Mid-40s guy with thick hair wearing Atari t-shirt, buying cupcakes and Coke Zero in Publix express lane. No party or anything. I just like cupcakes. You: Beautiful, professional woman who did a really, really good job pretending not to notice me. You didn't even look at me once. At the time I totally believed you weren't interested. Let's meet up! Wait, this isn't Missed Connections?

President Trump Keeps Racking Up Successes

By Michael Murillo In a little more than 70 days, the new administration has been piling up accomplishments at a rate not seen in modern times. After taking the oath of office in front of the biggest inauguration crowd to... Continue Reading →


GOP Avoids Executive Apocalypse

By Michael Murillo For the past season or so, AMC's The Walking Dead has been about the main group's struggle with the oppressive Saviors, and is leading up to a deadly showdown. (No, that statement doesn't warrant a spoiler warning.... Continue Reading →

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

By Michael Murillo President Trump likes to divide media outlets into what he calls "fake news" and "fair news." Critics would say he tends to label sources that present unflattering stories fake news, while the ones that offer up puff... Continue Reading →

Alternative Minimum Facts: The Truth Behind Trump’s Taxes

By Michael Murillo Way back when Kellyanne Conway was shilling for Ted Cruz (long before microwaves were measured in megapixels), she made an issue of Donald Trump not releasing his tax returns. When asked about transparency about an alliance between... Continue Reading →

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