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Luz Gonzalez

Mom, Educator, State Director Florida Parents Against Common Core, Former Member Miami Dade Republican Executive Committee, Former National School Choice Week Miami Representative, Past President OCRWC

#BoyCottNFL: Team Anthem vs. Team NFL

SuperBowl 51: Falcons vs. Patriots By Luz Gonzalez Is it that simple, having to choose between respecting the national anthem of the United States or watching NFL football? This is a long piece, written at an appropriate time, and while... Continue Reading →


ACLU Meets Silicon Valley

Where Ideological Meets Practical By Luz Gonzalez All those institutions that sue the federal government, protecting the rights of American residents, providing a safety barrier particularly for the underserved and underrepresented, are going to be working overtime in the Trump administration.... Continue Reading →

Au Contraire: Trump Administration’s Anti-Life Stance

By Luz Gonzalez There are many passages, books, and lives which help guide a Christian. The Bible one. Imitation of Christ two. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius three.  Rerum Novarum four. Pacem in Terris five. Selected Works of Martin Luther six, and the actions... Continue Reading →

Searching for Don Quixote

What's not to like.  A chivalrous man with many of the personal attributes missing in today's society - generous, kind, brave, optimistic, hardworking, courteous, well-bred, educated, inspirational, humorous, and knowledgeable. I repeat.  What's not to like. Alright, he is over 500 years-old but why... Continue Reading →

Going Rogue

By Luz Gonzalez 9 federal government agencies have gone rogue, I suspect largely in response to Trump and his administration's determination to disrespect the value of its work, spread a false narrative of their mission and goals, and create a toxic environment of mistrust, misinformation,... Continue Reading →

My People. Check Your Experience.

By Luz Gonzalez Cubans. Americans. Cuban-Americans. Florida Cubans. New Jersey Cubans. New York Cubans. You Don’t Speak For Me. The irony. Your prejudice and adopted nativism are showing. Who would have thought that after coming to the United States as... Continue Reading →

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