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A Tale of Two Refugees

By Terri Sloan Leeka awoke confused. It wasn't quite daylight yet but she had a sense that her surroundings were unfamiliar. Maybe more by smell than sight. She heard the rhythmic breathing of the man sleeping next to her. Oh... Continue Reading →


United Airlines Counter Point

By Terri Sloan I don’t know about you, but if a security guard told me I had to get off a plane, I would get off. Maybe I would complain… or maybe I would try to sweet talk my way... Continue Reading →

‘The News’ in Modern Society

By Terri Sloan Today we learn some Classification Terms and Methodology by which we may accurately decipher and interpret what is called 'The News' in modern society. Classification Terms Liberal, or Far Left, Media Always promoting the spending of everyone's money to save someone... Continue Reading →

Our Beloved Syria 

By Terri Sloan The students of an American High School looked out the classroom windows with mild curiosity as paratroopers drifted softly down and fell quietly to their landings. There was no sense of fear. But as the soldiers released their... Continue Reading →

The World in Which We Live

By Terri Sloan The digital world is an easy access world. It's addictive. My phone is always nearby and I check it dozens of times each day. I can do almost all of my work on my phone. This is... Continue Reading →

A Time for Giving Thanks

By Terri Sloan It’s hard to imagine a world without time. Each and every detail of our day is connected to time. Work, play, dates, appointments, movies, planes and trains — there’s a schedule, there’s a time. We plan our lives... Continue Reading →

The Calm & Wisdom of Mitt Romney

By Terri Sloan In 1999 I read a book titled 'How Now Shall We Live?' by Charles Colson. At the time we were Youth Pastors and I was deeply concerned about the secularization of our young people. They were church kids, for heaven's... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Pale

By Terri Sloan I realize I'm a little behind the times, but it hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks. Hillary Clinton did not win the election last week. We are seriously going to have to walk this thing... Continue Reading →

Big Lies and Other Possible Truths

DON'T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA By Terri Sloan This bumper sticker was slapped onto the back of my car in 1989 by a friend who had political aspirations. Republican aspirations, of course. Even in 1989 it was widely believed that the... Continue Reading →

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