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“Pro-Life” Justice Gorsuch Votes for Death

By Susan Kuebler One of Donald Trump's main campaign promises and the only major one to date he has managed to fulfill was to appoint a "pro-life" justice to fill the seat on the Supreme Court left vacant by the... Continue Reading →


Venezuela: While You Were Sleeping…

By Susan Kuebler [Warning: graphic images] While you were sleeping, thousands of people continued massive protests against the socialist regime of President Maduro in Venezuela. While you were sleeping, starving people scavenged through garbage for scraps of food in Venezuela. Continue Reading →

Trump’s Pathetic, Pitiful Pennsylvania Ploy

By Susan Kuebler Today Donald Trump tweeted out (naturally) his plans to hold a rally in Pennsylvania next Saturday, April 28th. Now there is nothing newsworthy about Donald Trump continuing to hold rallies, even after he won the election. ... Continue Reading →

Trump’s 100-Day Performance Review

By Susan Kuebler Nearly every working American has been there.  You aced the job interview.  Okay, maybe you exaggerated your qualifications and accomplishments a bit.  But you got the job, so it's all good, right?  Not exactly.  In many cases,... Continue Reading →

Will Pope Francis Meet With Donald Trump?

By Susan Kuebler Many eyebrows were raised when Trump's itinerary for the G-7 meeting in Italy, scheduled for late May, did not include the traditional meeting between the President and the Pope at the Vatican.  Meetings between Presidents and Pontiffs... Continue Reading →

Buh Bye, Bloviating Bill

By Susan Kuebler If the rumors spreading like wildfire on social media are true, then the long reign of Bill O'Reilly as the premier host of The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Network is rapidly coming to an end. ... Continue Reading →

GA06 – What Does A Runoff Mean for the GOP?

By Susan Kuebler By all conventional political wisdom, this race should have been a no-brainer win for the Republican Party.  The previous incumbent Tom Price, who had held the seat since 2002, handily won re-election in 2016 receiving nearly 62%... Continue Reading →

Why This Life-Long Republican Just Voted Her Ossoff

By Susan Kuebler Had someone told me prior to 2016 that I would ever vote for a liberal Democrat I would have suggested they seek medical help.  But that was then.  Before Trump conquered the Republican Party.   Before Trump destroyed... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Good Friday

By Susan Kuebler Second, only to Easter Sunday, Good Friday is the holiest day on the Christian calendar.  It was the day that Jesus was "crucified, dead, and buried" according to the Apostles' Creed.  He died alone, hanging from a... Continue Reading →

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