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I enjoy things. I dislike other things. Then there are some things about which I'm lukewarm. (Maybe I'll add more later.)

The Effulgent Truth About Motherhood

By Neal Silvester Sometimes I really hate euphemisms. They add a kind of insulation to the truth, numbing it in our brains so we don’t get the full force of an idea. This dampening effect can sometimes be good. After... Continue Reading →


How Tribalism And Identity Politics Are Shredding The Constitution

By Neal Silvester There’s a famous prophecy in the Mormon tradition that says that the U.S. Constitution (which Mormons believe was a divinely inspired document) will one day “hang by a thread.” While the exact words are unsubstantiated and are... Continue Reading →

Trump Admits He Was Unqualified to Run for President

By Neal Silvester Last Friday Trump gave the Associated Press a self-damning interview. We could focus on many points, but this was the highlight: TRUMP: "They had a quote from me that NATO's obsolete. But they didn't say why it... Continue Reading →

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