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The Pences Are Doing Something Right

By Linda Stockton  Vice President Mike Pence has taken a lot of unwarranted criticism this week because his wife, Karen, revealed that he never dines alone with another woman or attends events which serve alcohol without her present. The surprising... Continue Reading →


Resistance Is NOT Futile

By Linda Stockton  In Western Massachusetts, between 1786-1787, bankrupt farmers began a protest against the government. It quickly escalated to the farmers taking up arms and became known as Shays Rebellion (after farmer and organizer, Daniel Shays) to oppose rising debt and taxes. In... Continue Reading →

Why Maddow’s Hype Matters

By Linda Stockton  Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, yesterday at about 5:30 pm, tweeted out the following: MSNBC then began to do a countdown clock on-screen. And the hype began. About an hour later, Maddow tweeted another tease: The... Continue Reading →

A Big, Fat, Beautiful, MESS

By Linda Stockton President Trump, in speaking about the details of the Republicans healthcare bill, stated that it would be a "Big, fat, beautiful, negotiation," to get the bill passed and that the result was going to be something "terrific."... Continue Reading →

The “Right” to Healthcare

By Linda Stockton The Republicans in the House have proposed a bill which is a warmed-over version of Obamacare. For those who may have been living under a rock, this has upset people on both the right and the left.... Continue Reading →

The Politics Of Words

By Linda Stockton In a country as divided as the United States of America is in 2017, one would think that her people would be hungry for truth. One would assume that many voices offering perspective and honest thought would be... Continue Reading →

Grief And Sacrifice Are Not Political Issues

By Linda Stockton President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time last night. While many, if not most, people thought the rhetoric would descend down the rabbit hole of crowd size or fake news, it was... Continue Reading →

What Would Impeachment Achieve?

By Linda Stockton  Richmond, Ca. City Council, on February 24, passed a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump for violating the emoluments clause. The emoluments clause, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8, in effect, was put in place to ensure... Continue Reading →

Media Wars: Hate Marches On

By Linda Stockton It is easy, incredibly easy, to get wrapped up in the Trump hating hysteria. It's everywhere: the news, social media, among friends and family...really, everywhere. It's equally simple to just believe whatever one hears or reads, no... Continue Reading →

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