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Mom to an 18 year old brave warrior learning to live with a primary immune deficiency. Cat and dog mom to roughly a baker's dozen of rescue animals who are a daily testimony to unconditional love and grace. Background in philosophy and policy debate, both instrumental in my devotion to written and spoken communication, rhetoric, policy analysis, and the pursuit of truth. Oh yeah - I love the Oxford comma.

Update – San Bernardino School Shooting Gunman Kills Teacher and Student, Wounds a Second Before Taking His Own Life

by Laurie Kotka On a warm spring Monday, with just a little more than a month left until the start of summer vacation, elementary school students at North Park School in San Bernardino started their day like any other. By... Continue Reading →


Trump 2013: “Forget Syria”

By Laurie Kotka In the hours following Tuesday’s chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, Syrian President Assad denied responsibility. Meanwhile, Assad pointed the finger at Russia and Iran. Trump blamed Assad and former President Obama. Russia excused the incident, claiming the... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Absolute Lack of Decency

By Laurie Kotka Yesterday passed without an overabundance of media focused on the death of 14 people in a suicide bomber attack on St. Petersburg. The blast also wounded 50 as the bomb detonated in a deep underground tunnel which... Continue Reading →

Dr. Trump’s Cure for Swamp Cancer

By Laurie Kotka What if I told you that I had a radically different cure for cancer? After a little investigation, you learned that my proposed cure had no basis in medical understanding - basically because I have limited knowledge... Continue Reading →

Heads of FBI and National Security Agency Testify, Trump Live Tweets Commentary

By Laurie Kotka March 20, 2017 Today, FBI Director, James Comey and National Security Advisor, Admiral Mike Rogers testified in a five-hour hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, answering questions on Russian interference in the U.S. elections, Trump’s wiretapping campaigns,... Continue Reading →

Trump-Merkel Deliver Joint Press Conference

By Laurie Kotka This afternoon, Time’s 2015 Person of the Year met the 2016 title-holder as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and President Donald Trump held a joint news conference. Trump began the news conference stating his support for NATO. Without... Continue Reading →

Senate Intelligence Committee: No Wiretapping Evidence Found

By Laurie Kotka Earlier this month, President Donald Trump alleged that former President Obama wiretapped his phones. Today, bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee stated they found no evidence to support Trump’s wiretapping claims. "Based on the information available to us, we see... Continue Reading →

Sean Spicer’s Kobayshi Maru

By Laurie Kotka Last week I was discussing the news with my son, sometimes-consumer of political current events. Sean Spicer was at the center of the conversation. “Imagine working the majority of your life toward something –from college on- every... Continue Reading →

Russia Issues Antagonistic Military Response Immediate to Flynn Resignation

By Laurie Kotka Following Monday’s requested resignation of Trump national security advisor, Michael Flynn, a Russian spy ship was spotted  Tuesday in international waters, roughly 70 miles off the coast of Delaware. The same day, The New York Times reported... Continue Reading →

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