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SCOTUS Rules For Voters’ Rights In NC Decision

By Kevin Bailey In a pair of decisions on Monday, the United States Supreme Court struck down two congressional districts in North Carolina, ruling that race played an outsized role in the creation of the districts. The decision was a... Continue Reading →


Dispatches: Trump’s House of Cards Is Falling Down

By Kevin Bailey The following account is culled from communications with one person who works inside Trump's White House, whom I call "TP" (for "The Person"). It is not double- or triple-sourced, and thus should be taken as RumInt, and... Continue Reading →

United States Supreme Court Declines To Hear North Carolina Voter ID Case

By Kevin Bailey The United States Supreme Court has refused to consider an appeal by North Carolina Republicans of that state’s strict voter ID law. The law was struck down in 2016, after it was ruled to have been designed... Continue Reading →

Partisanship in Trump’s America: A Swing Voter’s Journey

By Kevin Bailey There was a time when I was a true “swing voter.” I researched each candidate, for even the most minor positions, and decided on the basis of who I felt I agreed with the most on various... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Towering Historical and Geopolitical Ignorance

By Kevin Bailey It is safe to assume that prior to the alt-right anointing Trump as "the new Andrew Jackson", that Trump himself had no idea who Andrew Jackson was. As his interview with Salena Zito (which she predictably tries... Continue Reading →

A Time of Dying: The Rest of the Story

Micki's story has been a part of my heart for many years now, and seeing so many people read at least part of my little story (over 1,000 viewed the last chapter I posted, "The Fight") just means so much to me. For some context, I started writing this story right after I graduated from college, almost 19 years ago. My father, with whom I was very close, had passed away suddenly one year earlier, shattering my faith, and sending me spiraling into a depression so deep it nearly took my life. Just over a year later, a tragic car accident in the small Kansas town I grew up in took the life of a little boy, and I began to write this story.

A Time of Dying: Chapter 10-The Fight

By Kevin Bailey [Catch up on previous chapters: A Time of Dying]   I got beat up yesterday. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was somebody tough. But no, it had to be Matt Baker. He’s the boy I... Continue Reading →

A Time of Dying: Chapter 9-Accidents

I am such a baby. I can’t believe I wet my bed! I’m ten-and-a-half years old for pete’s sake! Who wets their bed when they’re ten?!? The first time it happened was the night before last. I didn’t tell anybody. I just pushed my underwear and pajamas down in the hamper, and changed the sheet. But it happened again last night. (I wouldn’t have even written about it now if Kayleigh hadn’t told.) Mama came into my room to talk to me.

A Time of Dying: Chapter 8-Headaches

Everyone thinks Isobel’s the strong one, but she’s not. You see, she left her diary under the trees, in the fort Daddy built there. It was on top of the tree stump in the corner of our fort. I read it when she left it there after she finished her homework. Since we’re home-schooled, the big girls like doing their work by themselves. I know the feeling. Lately, I go off by myself a lot, too.

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