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Jason Taylor

I am beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws. All together I'm a beautiful disaster.

Mid-East Peace? Trump And Netanyahu Talk A Good Game

By Jason Taylor Trump’s deal-making skills will indeed be challenged by Netanyahu, who is an expert at obfuscating his real purpose. He’s given lip-service to the world for years in favor of a two-state solution, to reducing settlement activity, and... Continue Reading →


Surprise! Michael Flynn Takes The 5th

By Jason Taylor Michael Flynn and Donald Trump opined on numerous occasions in the past (in relation to the Clinton email investigations) that invoking the Fifth Amendment is something only guilty people do, so by their logic, Flynn is now... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Has Exceeded Expectations Of Failure

By Jason Taylor If you had expectations that Trump would live up to his promises and fulfill the needs of his base, you didn’t do much research into his past. No, I am not an “elite” trying to undo his... Continue Reading →

With Russia In The Mix, This Far Surpasses Watergate

By Jason Taylor Watergate occurred in a different era. Yes, Americans were on the same page when it came to political malfeasance made manifest with the tapes. And yes, cover-ups and bribery are high crimes and misdemeanors. But so is... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump: The Real “Nut Job”

By Jason Taylor It is apparent to most sane, intelligent people, that Donald Trump is crazy, a real nut job, and of lower than average intelligence. That is especially true if Trump imagines that his absurd, improper firing of Comey... Continue Reading →

Trump Should Do The Country And Himself A Favor: Resign

By Jason Taylor Donald Trump doesn’t like being President. Donald Trump likes playing golf, watching lots of TV, and not having to answer to anyone. Trump doesn’t look healthy. He’s bloated, orange, and clearly in some sort of emotional distress.... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump, Meet Special Counsel, Robert Mueller

By Jason Taylor I almost gave up on our judiciary. Many of us did. I thought that we had become the Banana Republic that so many joked about it. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Around This Time Last Year, We Warned You

By Jason Taylor Many of us saw this coming. His bombastic and braggart ways did not sway us along with his empty promises he has yet to fulfill to satiate his bloodthirsty supporters. We screamed you didn’t listen. We listed... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Obstructed Justice: Republicans, It’s Your Move

By Jason Taylor I want very much to believe that McConnell, Ryan and Pence are capable of the kind of self-examination and critical assessment that is required to come to the conclusion that what is best for our country is... Continue Reading →

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