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Christopher Suprun

Doing Good For Humanity Through Business

Conscious Capitalism: Doing good for humanity through business.


Does Blackmail Work?

By Christopher Suprun “I know everything.” If this is reminiscent of Alexander Haig who was “in charge” it shouldn’t be.  As bad as Secretary Haig was he was nowhere near as crazy as Mike Cernovich who claimed to know all... Continue Reading →

United Airlines: Aisle 16 Seat D Eminent Domain

Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave.^MD

One useless man is a shame…

In December and now, I believe Mr. Trump to be a threat both to America and to our democratic republic.

Opening Day

By Christopher Suprun In the big inning.  What more could Holy Scripture say to clarify for both believers and the uninitiated that baseball is God’s sport?  The Bible starts this way.  Well, perhaps not, but the onomatopoeia does make me... Continue Reading →

American Concordat

By Christopher Suprun   qui tacet consentire videtur ("he who is silent is taken to agree")   You’ve heard silence is deafening.  Mumbles can be too and that is where we are right now with the American Catholic Church as... Continue Reading →

And Yet It Moves

It is clear this President still doesn’t realize his role in the White House or America’s in the world.

Why Not Just Boycott EVERYTHING?

Ali was right then and he would be right now. I will stand with the greatest of all time and I will stand with my little brothers in solidarity against a corrupt no-nothing administration.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I wish for a President who knows America is great.

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