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Decorated Vietnam War Veteran Leaves Largest-Ever Donation to Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity

Entryway to Legacy Estates - in honor of Stephen Florentz - US Army Veteran, who donated $2.25 million to Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (photo Fox 25)

By Lauren Wynn

On June 29, Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity hosted a ceremony with full military honors for Sergeant First-Class, Stephen Florentz, US Army (Ret), just days before what would have been the decorated war veteran’s 75th birthday. The ceremony took place at the Legacy Estates subdivision that bears his name – a nod to the $2.25 million dollar donation Florentz made to the Oklahoma charity. The donation – the largest in its history – will allow the organization to build twenty-four homes, a gift that CEO Ann Felton-Gilliland said was ‘life changing’ for the families they serve.

According to an article by Fox 25 News, “home ownership was a dear subject to Florentz, a Purple Heart recipient who grew up in tenements in New York. His friends say he wanted others to experience the joy he did when he bought his first home, in Oklahoma City.”

Florentz spent his life serving others – first as a helicopter medic during the Vietnam war, then as a surgical technician with the VA. He even volunteered to go back into service during the Gulf War – caring for the injured at a military hospital in Saudi Arabia. It’s not surprising that his legacy – like his life – will be in service to his fellow man. For that, we say a hearty Bravo Zulu, soldier. Bravo Zulu.

Sergeant 1st Class Stephen Florentz

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Former grassroots state lead for the Evan McMullin campaign, Wynn, now a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid student of politics and a freelance writer and blogger on a variety of topics. Contributor to @eatprayvote

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