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Trump’s Travel (Muslim) Ban, Strike… I Lost Count

By Jason Taylor

Unfortunately for us Americans, we have a president that lacks the intellectual chops to explain his reasoning to us about this issue and any other for that matter beyond the level of firebrand and middle school diatribe.

Do you have the sense that Trump just likes to give the appearance of action? He throws out little bombs to blind the fans in the stands at the circus and tries to look very busy, but in reality, he seems incapable of commanding the recipe for baking a cake, let alone developing policies.

He can’t seem to do any of the things we took for granted from those who preceded him. He seems unable to even have the normal human interactions of listening, thinking, getting feedback, developing alliances, etc. Isn’t he supposed to be a negotiator? I just don’t believe he has that skill at all.

This decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, rejecting Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, does not end the matter. It does mean, however, that in order to give Trump what he wants, the five conservatives on the Supreme Court will have to display an utter disregard for the concepts of due process, equal protection of the laws and separation of church and state.

Any justice voting to uphold the new ban would readily be identified by jurists and legal experts here and around the world as a mere bigot — just as bad as the man who signed the ban.

Why hasn’t the administration done anything on improving or tightening the vetting process for immigrants in the first place? I mean, that was the “reasoning” behind the bans in the first place — give us time to do a better job of vetting immigrants. Unless I’ve missed it, the administration or Congress has done NOTHING since the first travel ban was issued on Jan 27th. I believe they wanted 90 days to review and propose changes in vetting. So why has nothing been done in the meantime, except for nasty judicial-bashing tweets from the Commander in Tweet?

Who does Trump think he is fooling? SCOTUS? Regardless of the rightward tilt of the current court, what possible grounds would they have to approve the ban, much less even hear arguments? Look, I don’t want any more terrorists in our country. I just think time and money would be better spent to improve existing methods to find terrorists already here.

The travel ban is a malicious and pointless bit of legislation, but the fight over it gives Trump the illusion that he matters. It’s clear that what motivates Trump more than anything is conflict. I don’t think the subject is really important. Think of his absurd one-sided feud with the Mayor of London, after a tragedy in his city.

The controversy in London ended quickly when Sadiq Khan stated simply that he had better things to do than respond to Donald Trump. Forget impeachment, for the moment. What I dream of is a one-day moratorium in all media without a mention of Trump even once. I think he’d evaporate.

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