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No One Wants To Work For Trump. Does That Surprise You?

By Jason Taylor

I dread the thought of the first real crisis under this administration. A big hurricane, a flood, a tornado, a wingnut bombing. Who is minding the store? We expect some level of competence in the federal government and there seems to be none. Will Jared and Ivanka be running FEMA?

Donald Trump is used to operating in a world where his wealth, bullying, lawsuits, and the threat of lawsuits keeps people in line. He was rich enough and aggressive enough to be able to say whatever he wanted. That’s no longer the situation when you are the president. Being president doesn’t give you the free rein you might have as a king, dictator, or mob boss. He’s trying to make it work, but it’s not working,

Or is it? Trump fans might argue that there was a lot of administrative bloat in Washington, and they would probably be right. The answer to this is: he’s not leaving positions unfilled based on analysis showing they are unnecessary, but because almost no one wants to work for him. And the result is an inability to choose the best people for the jobs that need to be done. And, sadly, even with the difficulty in hiring, Republicans don’t seem to be hindered from passing their horrifying agenda.

As of this writing only 123 out of 558 key positions requiring Senate confirmation either nominated or confirmed. Some departments are almost entirely vacant of political appointees below the cabinet-level positions.

The writing is already on the wall. Writ large by Donald Trump himself. Anyone associated with this Trump administration (a.k.a. Donald J. Trump, himself) will be painted with the same broad brush that is dipped in brown stuff that doesn’t smell so good. A resume that includes a job in this Trump administration will doubtlessly be a negative for any future job in the private or public sectors. Even those businesses accustomed to bending the Truth will not want someone from an administration publicly acknowledged as continually lying and calling lies “alternative facts.”

If you walked into a bank with a paper bag, demand everyone get out, then inform the teller I hope you will fill this with money— it would still be a robbery. The bag would be filled. The message crystal clear. Which is why it’s absurd Republicans are parsing their words, giving Trump an out, while implying he’s too ignorant or new at the job to know better.

We already know this president routinely speaks/tweets inappropriately, despite advice not to. But we also know he’s been involved in the legal system repeatedly in life–and understands “witness intimidation.” The most serious supportable charge is obstruction of justice. Trump fired James Comey, Preet Bahara, Sally Yates. All had been pursuing that charge. All conveniently gone.

There’s only two qualifications for employment in Trumpland: Loyalty and abject servility. Except that to Trump, they are one and the same. Education, experience, talent, motivation are all superfluous. It’s the lowest common denominator: Willing to say or do, literally Anything, to please Him. It’s that simple.

The old Chinese saying that ‘the fish rots first at the head’ was never so appropriate as now. Trump gets worse every day and he is just warming up.

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