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#AlternativeDream: Sessions and Trump Trade Places

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, stands next to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., as Sessions speaks during a rally Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, in Madison, Ala. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

By Darrell Roberts

This past Saturday,  Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter offering to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee this upcoming Tuesday. His offer was a surprise to members of the committee. Some are wondering if Mr. Sessions was trying to pull a “fast one” on everybody to have his testimony heard in a closed session. Admittedly, a secret deposition would permit Mr. Sessions to evade the nation’s watchful eye that would undoubtedly accompany a public deposition.

Never one to be outdone, President Trump’s yet to be scheduled state visit to the United Kingdom has been tentatively canceled until…he’s more popular. Evidently, the brave President is once again putting “America First.”

Everyone knows the bravado of the Commander-In-Chief. After all, he has always been quick to tell the American public just how “nobody has inserted a given topic more than” he. Commonly, he cements the validity of his preceding statement with a simple, “believe me.”

Perhaps, you saw the recent vicious questions from a possible “fake” news reporter. The President did fight valiantly, going so far as to claim that he would be “one-hundred percent” willing to match the testimony of former FBI Director, Mr. James Comey’s (and his documentation) under oath. Therefore, it seems a moderately reasonable solution exists that would greatly benefit both Mr. Sessions and the President.

That’s right! Unquestionably, the Attorney General and the POTUS should trade places.

The President should offer his sworn testimony in a place where he remains popular, with favorability ratings ranging from 50-52 out of a 100, the U.S. Senate.  In the case of any popularity ties, the Vice President Mike Pence gets to confirm the President’s victory.

Furthermore, the Attorney General can soothe the President with a recount of his own recent Senate testimony. He can most certainly assure the President that there is no punishment for anything such as lying under oath in today’s U.S. legislature. Well, that is not entirely true. At worst, the President could perhaps be forced to “recuse” himself. That seems to mean, still being able to do whatever you desire but without all the hassle of the blame associated with doing so.

Best of all, the President’s ratings would be HUGE! Nobody would get better ratings testifying under oath in an open forum than President Trump…believe me.

Now, let’s not get hasty, America. Of course, the U.S. should not send Mr. Sessions to the United Kingdom. No. Instead, we will let the Attorney General play the role of “President for a Day.” This will allow him to borrow the President’s Twitter account and enjoy a Presidential getaway in beautiful New Jersey–for a time of golf and tweets.

Just imagine the Twitter tirade that an Attorney General Sessions would unleash if the President or any of those snarky Senators (surely to be Democrats) were to lob nefarious insults at Mr. Sessions such calling him a little ole liar.

Conceivably, Mr. Sessions would tweet a legion of followers the truth on how in “the good old days of yesteryear” America had a system of “check and balances.” Then a subsequent tweet (or twelve) could make mention of how the “Framers did put safeguards in place that foresaw President Trump. However, their failure was to envision his modern GOP enablers.”

While it remains most unlikely for any of these events to occur; a nation can share an #AlternativeDream for the President and the Attorney General to temporarily switch hats.

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2 Comments on #AlternativeDream: Sessions and Trump Trade Places

  1. They’re both snakes, any way you cut the pie. I think they should both testify publicly.

  2. Darrell Roberts // June 12, 2017 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    I concur. However, it would appear that Trump has zero intention of cooperating with authorities. His actions sure seem weird for someone that is innocent, don’t you think?

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