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Presidential Approval Scrapes Bottom

By Andrew Witzel

The mainstream media (MSM) is dominated today by former FBI Director, James Comey, testifying. Finding a little footnote on the news feed this morning that was probably missed by most Americans, but it brightens the spotlight on what is quickly approaching the worst presidency this country has seen in 240 years. Quinnipiac University released the results of their most recent poll of 1,361 voters between May 31 and June 6 today.

Just 34% of voters approve of Trump with a whopping 57% disapproving.

Further compounding his approval rating are some of the other questions the poll asked voters. They found that 31% of voters thought he did something illegal in regards to his odd relationship with Russia. A majority of voters, about 68%, said they were either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about how “friendly” Trump was with Russia. It’s hard to look back into history and see a president that didn’t keep Russia (or former U.S.S.R.) at arm’s length for obvious reasons. Russia has done nothing recently to reverse that “arm’s length” policy if not for any reason than to protect the American people. The NSA breach is a clear indication that we’re not any better than any foreign country in terms of espionage and spying, so there isn’t any compelling reason to be friendly with a country we’re most likely actively spying on.

What everyone needs to be thinking right now is how low the approval rating has to get before Congress and the White House Administration finally grow some brass ones and do something about Trump. Reading about the last 140 or so days paints a clear picture of unpredictability, instability, disrespect and a general lack of intelligence working through even the simplest of problems. The use of Twitter to slam foreign officials should be enough for those in a position to do something to, well, actually DO something. Instead we’re watching a collective group of yellow spine chicken-s**ts afraid to stand up to Trump and his unexplainable style governing the American people. Once you have the position, it’s no longer a popularity contest, so why does it continually come back to the immature “mine is bigger than yours” mentality. It’s really getting old President Trump, grow up already.

Dysfunction seems to be the game right now.

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