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How Much More Of Trump Can America Take?

By Jason Taylor

We can all relish being vindicated in our recognition that Trump is a law breaker, but don’t get too excited about what Comey has to say. The bottom line remains that he could reveal that Trump literally shot someone on 5th Avenue, but until the Republicans are no longer in charge of all branches of government nothing is actually going to happen. The Republicans have two objectives: accomplishing the largest tax cut in history to line their pockets and pay their corporate overlords, and to remain in power. Nothing (certainly not doing the right thing) will distract them from those goals.

Trump finds himself answerable to someone for the first time in his life and he doesn’t like it. So he responds by throwing a temper tantrum and trying to undermine the credibility of whoever’s getting in his way. He’s never had respect for the law, why should that change now that he’s president.

We didn’t get here overnight. This nightmare started when Reagan declared that the government is the problem and the American people bought into this idea. Every time we stood back while politicians gerrymandered districts and changed voter ID requirements or declared that we have a lot of fraud in our elections and we said nothing we opened the door for someone like Trump.

The founders were wise when they made executive, legislative, and judicial branches equal. This gave us checks and balances which is why our democracy has gotten stronger and more inclusive as time has gone by. Right now the judiciary is the only branch holding our president accountable. Hopefully, they stay strong until we come to our senses.

Trump is the wake-up call to a large portion of the US. Those of us that thought it couldn’t happen here, had better adjust our thinking and become citizens as opposed to place holding consumers. Trump and his supporters have a twisted, TV/video game based, fictitious view of right and wrong, so we better wake up and combat it or we just rocket downward as a country.

The GOP is happy to go along with Trump’s lawless ways (and those of his family and associates) as long as it brings in “the dark Koch and Mercer money” to get them (re)elected. The ordinary people who voted for Trump are so gorged on ersatz news outlets they expect the government to function as a kind of “winner take all” reality show where compromise is viewed as weakness. That they are the big losers for healthcare, minimum wage, income inequality, environmental degradation etc. has not yet sunk in. They’ve been”fired” by this administration and don’t even know it.

Ultimately trump’s fate may come down to whether our congressional leaders and voters believe the contemporaneous records of the FBI director who has nothing to gain by lying or the account of a man who has cheated on two wives, bragged about assaulting women, stiffed just about everyone outside of his immediate family and demonstrably lied on innumerable occasions, and who potentially achieves enormous secondary gain by lying.

This is much more than a referendum on Trump. It is a referendum on the integrity of our nation.

Ben Franklin once said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. This is our moment. We must decide if Trump is the way we view ourselves or if the American dream is still alive. Every republic fails, but only because the people allow it to happen.

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