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Comey To Jeff Sessions: Don’t Leave Me Alone With Trump

By Jason Taylor

I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled with Comey’s actions right before the election. However, ensuing press coverage of his actions and interactions with Trump post-election are showing him to be a man of principle and integrity. He appears to respect not just the optics (how things “look”) but the actual intent of the law and the separation of powers and influence.

This Jeff Sessions’ episode speaks volumes about own regard for the law. He calls himself tough on crime and has been behind some punitive legislation, yet he has no problem working for Trump, a man who pokes his finger at the law. Sessions was seemingly untroubled by knowing that Trump was intimidating James Comey, himself fearless by any reasonable standard. Sessions also stood by when Trump initially cited Sessions’ advice as the reason for firing Comey. Sessions can talk big, as does Trump, about law and order, but neither is on the right side of it.

Sessions offered to resign? That’s a bombshell of a revelation. That means Trump’s innermost circle is breaking apart. After Mr. Comey testifies, he may have to.

This tangled web just keeps getting bigger and bigger. When Comey says he didn’t know who he could trust in the Justice Dept., that means he views the Trump administration as corrupt. Justice is the group that enforces the law. That’s another bombshell revelation. The Russia investigation is troubling, no doubt. But it’s the tentacles that surround it which are a greater evil. The FBI and Dept. of Justice absolutely must remain beyond reproach or our system falls apart. The aggressive conservative campaign now underway to discredit Comey indicates that he has some very damaging testimony to give.

Sessions may very well become a central figure in the Mueller investigation given his ties with Trump, and not within the scope of any claimed attorney-client privilege by Trump.

I can see why Comey felt icky around Donald and tried to hide whenever he saw him coming. And he wasn’t alone — apparently, Trump tried to pressure Coates and Rogers too. I’m hearing a lot of apologists say things like “well, Trump doesn’t understand the firewall between justice and the executive branch. That Trump is used to running a family business and doesn’t understand the government or checks and balances.

Oh please! Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing. It’s called abuse of power, and it’s as natural to this egomaniac as self enrichment is.

Donald Trump will deserve every single thing that’s coming his way, from embarrassment to humiliation to an indictment. This man has never done anything nice for anybody that didn’t also directly benefit him.

What the Comey — Trump interactions demonstrate is a fundamental precept in our democracy: The rule of laws over people. Everyone in a position of authority in the Federal government swears loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, not their boss, or their party, or their donors. Trump, McConnell, Ryan, et. al. would do well to re-read the oath and start acting in the public interest instead of their personal interest. Comey stood up to Trump’s request for loyalty to him over the Constitution. He may have other flaws as FBI director, but at least he let the president know that he understands the Constitution.

The amount of breaking news one story after the next is simply breathtaking, and unlike I certainly ever remember in other presidencies. Donald Trump has been operating like a crime boss. It is impossible for him to transition from a real estate tycoon used to intimidating workers, not paying them, and demanding they settle for a mere portion of what they were to be paid. He has no clue how Washington operates, the divisions, the separation of powers. The rule of law. That law enforcement arms operate separately from him.

This is a most pathetic state of affairs.

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