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On Response To London Terrorist Attacks Trump Fails Miserably

By Jason Taylor

The world has seen terrorist movements before. England had the Irish, centuries before the Irish had bloodthirsty English invaders. Eventually, there is always a political solution. A smart solution. Who is working on that? The real problem is that both ISIS and May-Trump represent the more general frustrations of others, but their only solution is to spend blood and treasure in a fight that will do nothing but create more enemies. May’s “Enough is Enough” bluster is just that, absent an addressing of ideology and a cultivation of partnership with moderate Muslim movements. Dashing the hopes of Palestinians, arming the Saudis and the Egyptian strongman — are counterproductive.

Leave it to Trump to only make things worse. As is par for the course for Trump everything has to be about himself. So, what better thing for Trump to do than to jump on his Twitter account and shoot out a tweet at the Mayor of London. Taking the Mayor’s words out of context, and of course doing everything in his power to anger the Brits. the gratuitous attacks on Sadiq Khan are unwarranted. At least, get the full facts on what he said. Better yet, let the man do his job as opposed to having him waste his time by responding to reporters’ questions about the childish biased tweets of Donald Trump.

Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a very calm statement opposing violent terrorism and explaining the increased police that will be deployed. In it, he tells Londoners not to be alarmed at the increased police presence they will see in the next few days and that it is for their protection.

Sadiq Khan had stated: ‘Londoners will see increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.’

Adding: ‘We are all shocked and angry today – but this is our city. We will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism.’

Why Trump maliciously and falsely attacks Mayor Khan after each terrorist attack is quite clear. Trump is an out-and-out bigot, racist and Muslim hater. The fact that London elected a Muslim British mayor does not fit with his false narrative that all Muslims are evil and should be barred and deported from all white countries. Khan continues to call for unity, strong anti-terror and anti-jihadist action and civil security for London. Trump calls for hatred.

Until the West calls a spade a spade and starts dealing with the source which is centered in Saudi Arabia there is very little chance that these attacks will stop. Instead, we have leaders, particularly in the United States, selling the Saudi government weapons, creating energy trading deals, seeking Saudi wealth to invest in infrastructure, etc. and most disgusting of all being entertained by the Saudi government in an ostentatious manner. Trump’s comments are particularly galling in light of his visit to his buddies in Saudi Arabia, a major funder, and exporter of Wahabi Islam. Why does he not call on the Saudis to stop their support of this branch of Islam?

“Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now?” Trump tweeted on Sunday morning. “That’s because they used knives and a truck!”

Did Trump notice how many people Omar Mateen (Florida resident born in NY) was able to kill and maim so quickly by himself because he had unfettered access to an assault rifle and ammo?

I can’t help but notice that in a country where gun access is limited mostly to the police, such crazy attackers are able to …. stab people and hit them with cars. Then the police stop them quickly with a few shots. No hours-long standoffs, no hostage dramas, no mowing down crowds with automatic weapons. Think how much death and carnage a similarly small group of evildoers would have (and often has) accomplished in America, where the right wing continues to ensure the easy ability of criminals, the mentally ill, and terrorists to get guns.

Trump calls for the elimination of gun control in our country. Does he really think the police in London would have preferred facing those subhumans had they been armed with rapid-fire automatic weapons like those so readily available in our country? Does he subscribe to the theory that adding more of such weapons to crowds of people would be a deterrent rather than a panic-driven, mindless shooting free-for-all resulting in even more collateral carnage? This, at the same time, he enjoys political support from the NRA – a group which defends the right of people on the “terrorist watch list” to purchase and own such weapons of mass-destruction. Mr. Trump is far less an intelligent person than he perceives himself to be.

I looked up the number of people injured or killed due to gun violence in the USA for the last 72 hours.

NONE of these were self-inflicted (suicides). I parsed out just the 24 hours of Saturday, June 3, 2017. This website marks ALL gun related incidents here in the good ole USA.

June 3, 2017, from 2400 to 2400:


That’s one day in America! One day! In New Orleans there were two mass shootings — 4 injured or dead in one spree, 5 dead or injured in another.

There are so many killed and injured that newspapers barely print them. TV doesn’t bother. ISIS is not our enemy–even though we spend BILLIONS attacking an ideology. Our enemies are the gutless legislators and our free-wheeling unrestricted gun sales.

But Trump and the GOP don’t look at OUR deaths as they are all in the pocket of the NRA.

What we have been doing to limit terrorism in the USA is working. Since 9/11 about 130 people in the country have been killed by foreign-born terrorists. During that same time, about 450,000 of us have died in American on American violence. Based on that, what’s not working and what is? It is the fever dream of the alt right to tear up the founding documents of the country.

Any terrorist incident here must be investigated by an independent prosecutor. If not, the real terror will be the policies rushed into law in its aftermath. Our ‘freedoms’ were never at risk, as Bush claimed, because of foreign-born terrorists. Only USA citizens can suspend our ‘freedoms.’ Beware politicians claiming they want to keep us ‘safe’ by cutting up the Bill of Rights. We must especially guard against attempts to muzzle the press.

We’ve come to expect terrorist attacks, and any sensible person knows it’s virtually impossible to preempt a madman in a van. Because we expect them doesn’t mean we ignore or dismiss them, but clearly this is something civilized society will need to cope with for the foreseeable future. Patience and resilience are key, and we must understand that overreactions (curbing civil rights, rounding up innocents, etc.) will only make attacks more likely.

What I’m having trouble coping with today is the fact that my nation’s so-called president has behaved in such an egregiously vile manner, trolling the people of London with his crude and unnecessary politicization of this atrocity.

Never in my life has an American president or even a member of his Cabinet said anything so inept about a tragedy abroad. Nor did any leader of a country even remotely tied to the US through diplomacy or trade say anything so tone deaf, so hostile in its one-upmanship after 9/11; in fact, the reactions from Iranian leaders after 9/11 were expressed with a grace and civilized solidarity that far exceed the disgusting, self-involved tweets of our so-called president about this London attack. I am deeply ashamed. We all must stand up against nihilism together.

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  1. I hate to add to the misery but Trump added another Tweet complaining about how quickly the media, politicians on both sides and the people defended him. This is what he said:
    ‘Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!’

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