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Deathcare Part IV: Republicans To 23 Million Americans Drop Dead!

By Jason Taylor

Mitch McConnell is an obstructionist and is clearly UN-AMERICAN. He’s bought and paid for by Trump who is employing his wife. His legacy will not be as a “master political operator” but as “Mitch the Destroyer” of the democratic process and the Great American Way.

The Republicans are preparing to hurt me, my family and millions of Americans with their health care reforms, while enriching their wealthy constituents, who will most certainly make sure they share in the wealth. Do you really think this will end well for Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the Republican party? Remember Trump won with only 40% of the vote. That means that 60% of the people are against them. Maybe the Republicans need to pay more attention to what is happening in Venezuela?

The Democrats need to hold their own public hearings. Bus in those coal miners, seniors, disabled, and disadvantaged to testify — to put numbers and faces to the misery that Trump and the Republicans in the Senate support. Run ads in every vulnerable Republican district. Start naming wealthy individuals and the corporations that would benefit by destroying our safety net to provide tax breaks for the rich. We must fight fire with fire.

The CBO confirmed for all of us what we already knew. The thing is to keep up the pressure on individual Republican lawmakers wherever one might find them — district offices, House and Senate office, etc. and remind them week in, week out, that we, as voters, are watching them and will vote them out not only if they persist with attempting to roll back health care coverage in any form, but also if they persist in eradicating society as we know it.

Donald Trump’s oligarch’s dream is to siphon off every last penny he can and cancel America’s social contract. The sooner we call what our nation has become by its rightful name, rather than continue to call ourselves a democracy, the sooner voters will coalesce.

So, to save $12 billion per year, we would jeopardize the health of 23 million American citizens. That is the kind of math that only a Republican could love.

Now we see what ‘success’ means to the GOP. 23 million more people without health insurance, unaffordable premiums for people with preexisting conditions, all to save 2% of the military budget over 10 years. Seriously? The GOP would rather gut our health care than pony up $10B/year in medical costs? That’s insanity. Tell you what, cut 5% of the insane military budget and give us single payer.

Make no mistake adopting this bill would cause more bankruptcies than the Wall Street casino from 2007–08. You can add death and suffering to the pie as well. All for a rounding error of savings. The CBO score makes it clear that the most dangerous organization in the United States today, literally killing Americans on a daily basis, is the Republican Party. The Republican Party must be destroyed if this country is to survive.

The media created Trump to make profits and still are benefiting from the “distraction.” Why do you think he makes so many unforced political errors? It is not because he has so many stupid advisors, but rather it’s just him doing the only job he can do — be the center of the biggest reality show in the world as being the worst President in history. He even gets to make his family richer in the process — what a deal. And tax cuts to boost. Time to march on Washington to let the lying liars face the music.

Trump supporters need to wake up. Millions of you will not have health insurance if this bill becomes law. Yes, maybe your taxpayer dollars will not be used to help others have health insurance. That might feel good for a nanosecond. But in the next nanosecond, the truth will hit you. YOU won’t have insurance either. Or if you can get it, through high-risk pools that have never, ever worked, the cost will bankrupt you.

Illness comes down the pike for all of us, at some point. Why would you prefer making the rich richer with your taxpayer dollars rather than helping yourself and those you love?

In any other advanced Country, if politicians denied millions of Citizens the ability to have Health Care by awarding the already wealthy with Tax cuts… they would be Jailed for Murder. No one can tell me that by their direct actions and, in particular, the reasons why they have proposed such a bill, will for millions of people who already enjoy coverage etc. take away/make impossible for them to keep it and by such deny them of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Unbelievable.

Slashing billions of dollars from the Federal healthcare budget will no doubt create a healthcare recession as hospitals, doctors, nurses, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare industry feeders are forced to cut back. These cutbacks will ripple out into local economies across the country and make everyone’s economic life harder.

Killing Obamacare has become such an ideological holy grail for the modern conservative movement that I doubt Republican leadership can stop themselves, even if a few of them can see the edge of the cliff they are about to run off. Republicans are relying on the hope that a majority of Americans hate Obamacare’s inclusion of the “undeserving poor” and despised minorities more than they will hate the ensuing pain to their own families and friends.

Until the Republican party, led by President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and Majority Leader McConnell, decides that it is more important to provide health care insurance to the uninsured rather than supporting wealthy people and corporations, their health care insurance plans are dead in the water. Just ask the 29 million uninsured U.S. voters and millions of more voters who finally were able to get health care insurance under the ACA.

During 2018 midterm elections, you can bet uninsured voters will ask themselves whether elected Republicans served their interests better than the Democratic Party. If elected Republican officials can not see the light on this topic and change their priorities to make sure that the primary goal is to provide insurance to the uninsured, they should take a long look at their offices — since they’ll be booted out of office and/or out of the majority next election cycle.

This issue is so important that it demands a national conversation and good faith efforts by all parties to create what’s best and sustainable for Americans. We need some grown-up statesmen/women to stand up and lead. Democrat/Republican bills be damned.

The poison of partisan politics is the enemy of a workable health care plan. It’s time for Congress and the administration to stop demonizing each other and pointing fingers of blame. Good God, silence your mouths, get to work and fix this mess. Is that too much to ask from a government still considered to be the envy of the world?

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