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Brennan: “I Encountered Info & Intel That Revealed Contacts And Interactions”

One last major item that the American people need to remember from the discussions with former CIA director Brennan is that Espionage can carry the death penalty, and much of the discussion can be moved easily to this arena.

CIA Director John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 16, 2016, before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the Islamic State. Brennan said that the Islamic State remains "formidable" and "resilient," is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for its territorial losses in the Middle East. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

By: Randy Deabay

Yesterday, Americans heard the history of the beginning of impeachment materials offered up to the Congress. The words America heard equaled those of ex-FBI Chief James Comey, from ex-CIA director Brennan: I encountered info & intel that revealed: “contacts and interactions” between Russian officials and the Trump campaign. The evidence on this day, May 23, 2017, will go down in infamy as the day that the evidence was given publicly for every Patriot, every American can hear the words of the truth.

Ex-CIA Director Brennan testified that Russia actively recruited Americans to help interfere with US election!!! This is a question that many Trump Nationalist tried to swipe away when those who supported the non-sensical Hillary Clinton lost after such a huge lead just two days prior. The sadness in this whole situation was precisely advocated by Evan McMullin “The President’s effort to enlist intel officials in misleading the American people should enrage everyone of us.”

America can no longer depend not only on the current President, but in the Congress, and Senate to do the citizens business in an honest and advantageous methodology. Donald Trump and his days, weeks, and months of lying has elevated to the level of impeachment and could cross over the brink to that of treason. Brennan just said Russia will be back in 2018 and many Americans agree. However, they never left. Russian trolls are still pushing the fake news today in support of the demented Donald Trump. Any American can see the propagandist of media by watching one hour of FOX News.

Patriotic Americans are laughing at Trump supporters saying because Brennan refuses to support “no evidence of collusion”, in their minds, there’s no evidence. What a group of grasping morons! Brennan: “I learned of election hacking in summer 2016.I know both Democratic and GOP campaigns were notified about it.” Trump has lost to the lie detector that has pure evidence over blasphemy and lies. Brennan, “day after reports Trump wanted intel chiefs to deny collusion, says he was concerned about communications.” This was more a plead and demand to stop the truth from becoming known by Americans and the World. Donald Trump had become the marionette for the Russian Tyrant Putin.

There is a place for those who lie for an evil cause, commit treason and prison-cell-cellphonemay be impeached. This place goes by many names and has many different configurations, but reality is that the easiest name is the word Prison, and this is where all treasonous non-patriotic Americans go. If one is to call out those who have shared the use of private communications by intel services in America, then they must call this President out for his agreements with Russia.

Brennan says intel showed interactions between Russians and people in the Trump campaign. This is known treasonous activity, an act of direct violation of the voting rights of every citizen of America, and those involved MUST be brought to a swift justice. Americans must remember that during the campaign, all Trump cohorts on his presidential team stated several times that Donald was in complete control of everything to do with his campaign. We cannot allow the propagandist to distort or change those words. Brennan confirms what many knew all along that there was enough evidence of Trump Russia collusion to justify FBI investigations.

One last major item that the American people need to remember from the discussions with former CIA director Brennan is that Espionage can carry the death penalty, and much of the discussion can be moved easily to this arena. This 70-year-old curmudgeon may have been signing his own death certificate with every illegal activity that he was party to during the campaign and now in the Oval office. America, stand up and be heard. No longer do the politicians have carte blanc over America, and America is coming back to the people.


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