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Surprise! Michael Flynn Takes The 5th

By Jason Taylor

Michael Flynn and Donald Trump opined on numerous occasions in the past (in relation to the Clinton email investigations) that invoking the Fifth Amendment is something only guilty people do, so by their logic, Flynn is now admitting that he is guilty.

The moral fabric of the White House team continues to shake the Americans to the core and this is far from over. Why did Flynn put his future on the line by hiding his Russian connections? And Trump hires him, knowing he was compromised. And what was their motivation? So they could lift Russian sanctions in return for something?

Everything is transactional for Trump. He equates a “get” with a lesser “give” as winning. Winning, in his mind, for the American people. He is delusional, grandiose, and believes his ends justify the means. He believes he is the smartest man alive. There was no vetting by him or his team of Flynn; it was enough for Trump that he, a general, stood before crowds at his rallies chanting “lock her up”; that is all Trump needed to reward him for his loyalty, not to the country, but to him, to Trump. Flynn knew how to use Trump the same way Trump knew how to use him.

If the Republican controlled Congress refuses to hold Flynn in contempt, that will be as sure a sign as any that they never had any intention of holding him to account. Could they truly be that stupid?

If you deny a subpoena you are in contempt. If you show up under subpoena and refuse to answer a particular question based on the 5th amendment, that might stand, but you can’t just not show up. Similarly, I don’t think providing evidence under subpoena counts as being “a witness against himself” in the words of the 5th amendment. I don’t see any way around Flynn being in contempt. Arrest him.

Why haven’t we heard from Trey Gowdy? I’m sure he must be fuming about this. After all, he demonstrated such deeply felt patriotism in the defense of the U.S.A. while investigating the actions of another high government official. The fact that Flynn is a Republican couldn’t affect the Congressman’s sense of duty about such a serious matter as Mr. Flynn’s (likely illegal) and unfettered access to every top secret in our government. Could it? Naw; not by a true American patriot like Mr. Gowdy.

What did Trump say during the campaign, only mobsters plead the 5th? If you have nothing to hide, what do have to fear? Won’t the truth set you free? I am waiting for the Pentagon to reduce Flynn in rank for his ethical transgressions and his clear violations of DOD regulations. If he doesn’t go to prison at least hit his military retirement. But then again, Flynn’s ethical morass mirrors of that of his sponsor, Donald J. Trump, another ethically and morally challenged soul.

Flynn promoted “Lock Her Up” against Hillary Clinton. He contacted the enemy and now he wants to hide by invoking the 5th. He is a coward, not a general. He is a disgrace to the men and women in uniform. He is in contempt of Congress. He should change his chant to “Lock Him Up”.

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  1. Let’s see if Trey Gowdy steps up. I don’t have much confidence. How many months chasing Clinton? Let’s see if he can be tough guy to another male. I worry that Gowdy will protect Trump.

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