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Trump Related Skits Recap On SNL From The May 20th Season Finale

We all know that Saturday Night Live is best known for it’s political satire. We also know that the moment Donald Trump became a politician, SNL took this skill to an all-new level…especially when you consider they will try and force some accountability when our mainstream media will not. The show had a renaissance this past year and “The Hollywood Reporter” did two awesome recaps for the season, one even including the thought processing behind much of the content.

In case you missed any of their sketches the season finale, here is a recap of the ones involving the Trump administration.

The cold open involved a call back to a previous episode where all of the actors who portrayed Trump family and advisers gathered together to sing Leonard Cohen’s, “Hallelujah” to tease that impeachment may be coming soon.

In his opening monologue for the episode, host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased earlier reports about his considering politics to lead into a joke involving how he and Tom Hanks will run for office in 2020. Ironically, Tom Hanks would make an excellent crossover from Hollywood candidate if he actually ran for president. The main takeaways were comments on how Johnson used to think he would not be qualified enough for politics but now thinks he is overqualified. They also tried to give Trump a hint in how saying, “When it comes to politics, we need more poise and less noise. Americans deserve strong capable leaders. Leaders who care about this country and care about its people.”

Colin Jost and Michael Che from SNL’s Weekend Update crew continue the tradition of satirizing the latest political news involving Trump and politics in general. The pair gave special attention to impeachment talk, Comey’s firing, leaking info to the Russians, and all the people who had left the administration since the election.

Actor Bobby Moynihan gave his final performance on SNL portraying a recurring character he has shown on Weekend Update for years while weighing in on the Trump presidency and how society has changed with him in office.

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