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Donald Trump Has Exceeded Expectations Of Failure

By Jason Taylor

If you had expectations that Trump would live up to his promises and fulfill the needs of his base, you didn’t do much research into his past.

No, I am not an “elite” trying to undo his election — he’s doing a fine enough job of that himself. But we who opposed Trump from the get-go did so because we know that past is prologue, a leopard doesn’t change his spots, and anyone who holds ugly rallies like he did isn’t fit to be president.

If anything, Trump has proven to be worse than even I thought. He’s made no pretense of shedding his businesses, he thumbs his nose at the rule of law (despite being continuously slapped down), he’s hired a bunch of billionaires and lobbyists and totally unqualified people to help him “govern,” and he’s pretty much made it known he’s more interested in self-enrichment for himself and his amazingly large family than he is in helping the needs of the unemployed who voted for him.

His administration is on its way to being the most corrupt of any in US history. What kind of president travels on a 9-day foreign trip taking virtually his entire family and cabinet with him? What kind of president hires his family (nepotism) and holds meetings with foreign leaders at his own properties in order to bill the US government for their stays?

Trump ran as a populist but he rules like an oligarch.

The GOP is really, really good at one thing; messaging. So even as Trump descends further into a sort of public insanity, they are rabidly looking to come up with the next meme that will build support under their leader. But they only have sand, not brick and mortar. The right wing media can spout all the deep state nonsense they want (the GOP is probably deeper than any other party anyway) but, in the end, it will not work. Trump isn’t being brought down by “elites,” whatever your definition of that term is, but by the intelligent, thoughtful people who actually know the laws of our great nation — and how to enforce them.

Donald Trump isn’t a Republican. He’s an oligarch who managed to get elected on the Republican ticket because Republicans for more than 40 years have played to the fears of a white populace willing to choose belief over fact. And he is a not very bright bully who started out wielding a financial cudgel bestowed upon him by an accident of birth. If investigators find a trail that leads to collusion with Russia it is entirely likely that Trump will turn on the party in an attempt to save himself.

Trump is the establishment, and the result of decades of right-wing fake news, led by the recently departed Roger Ailes, who channeled the phony outrage of aggrieved white people, mostly men, who feared the changing demographics of our nation and the increasing leadership roles of women in our society.

For all the dysfunction we are witnessing, Trump has still managed to roll back environmental and banking regulations of all sorts to the applause of his supporters and most in the GOP. The last week has been shocking to say the very least, and whether any of what is found by Mr. Mueller will rise to Trump being impeached is anyone’s guess. Upon reflection, I have asked myself what impeachment would mean.

It would mean that we will still get an ultraconservative Republican no matter if Pence is caught up in the mire. In fact, there will be more of a chance of the ACA being completely dismantled, along with the shredding of our social safety nets. We might gain a person who passes for sane and maybe the world will be less threatened, but this country will still lose, along with Trump’s ardent supporters, whom he is already ignoring.

Our culture worships wealth and celebrity. We get the politicians we deserve.

The contemporary Republican Party and its wingnut off-shoots are a collective cancer on our culture and must be cured by thoughtful voting by all, regardless of party affiliation. Otherwise, no lie, our nation is likely headed for a miserable descent into oligarchy.

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  1. now you know how we felt for the past 8 years

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