One of the best episodes of SNL will be happening tonight, so thought I’d collect a few videos for you as part of a preview of it here on

Here is the official promo piece NBC did for the episode where you see Melissa McCarthy singing and dancing to “I Feel Pretty” before she puts on the Sean Spicer makeup as part of the commercial.

In this video you will see:

  • CNN’s take on Ms. McCarthy’s stunt on the streets of New York City driving around on a motorized podium
  • Don Lemon talking about the upcoming episode of SNL
  • A supercut of Ms. McCarthy portraying Sean Spicer, or as she calls him ‘Spicey’
  • A CNN piece about how the podium was first used on SNL, along with other podium mishaps

We will do a review of the episode along with posting all of the politically related videos on Monday.