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American Dysfunction

By Andrew Witzel

There are nights that I’m kept up at night thinking about all the problems America is suffering through right now. It’s Trumps 100th day today, and there isn’t a single thing to show for it except a string of failed attempts at campaign promises and mediocre actions from a president that has yet to get his footing securely on the ground. How is a government supposed to function if there are thousands of appointed positions currently vacant? It would seem not very well apparently judging by the lack of progress being made across the board. The White House is mired in controversy of its own making and drowning in incompetence from all directions.

The picture isn’t much brighter in Congress right now either as a temporary one week appropriation was passed to keep the government open so that Trump didn’t have to suffer a shutdown on his 100th day. Instead, we have to wait until his 107th day for the government to shut down. I can only imagine right now who he will blame the shutdown on because we all know it certainly won’t be his fault. My money is on those obstructionist Democrats that go out of their way to block everything Trump. Yes, that I’m being sarcastic. The blame is with politicians in general. Democrat, Republican, whatever; they’re all to blame for the dysfunction this country is suffering. Congress couldn’t be bi-partisan or, non-partisan (is something freezing over) if they even tried really hard. This country is suffering from a problem we, us normal American’s on the outside of politics, have contributed to for several decades. We don’t vote for the people who can actually DO the job, we vote for the people that make us BELIEVE they can do the job. Why you ask? It boils down to the majority of Americans not taking the time and expending effort to become informed and aware of this countries problems.

Some may say politics are too complicated. Others may say if it doesn’t impact them, they don’t need to be informed. Still others may just be too lazy or “busy” in their lives to even bother with seeing the need to know anything more than what is required to survive each day. Being aware and informed isn’t easy. If it were easy, I doubt very much that we would be in a situation where this level of dysfunction would be allowed to exist. I see people everywhere with their faces lit up by the harsh glow of blue coming from their smart phone screens. I’m guilty of that too on occasion, but I’m not on social media, I’m on political news sites trying to make sense of the dysfunction that’s been allowed to go unchecked and infect every part of our government.

I fear this country is at a tipping point in its history and what we do (or not do) now, right this very minute, will have dire consequences for our future. Do we accept the dysfunction or reject it and make changes starting in 2018?

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  1. I don’t see much getting better any time soon….I wish I could say it will be better…..I do not see much guts in Congress and the candidates I have seen do not impress me…..but I will hope for some decent candidates in 2018……I worry…..chuq

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