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I Want To See Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Now More Than Ever

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is inviting us to play a game of musical chairs. There are 6 players: The military; corporations; the ultra rich; retirees who are medicare and social security recipients; the middle class; the poor.

With his tax cuts, there won’t be enough money to pay for all of these groups so some will lose out. What Trump hasn’t said is that there are only 3 chairs and he and the Republicans have already guaranteed that the military, corporations and the ultra rich will all get one of the chairs. He hopes the other groups won’t notice.

This is a con job of the first order. Never has this approach failed to produce a large increase in the federal debt. You can be sure that any growth projections which are presented will be wishful thinking at best. The end game here is cuts in entitlements, the net effect being yet another transfer of wealth from the many to the very, very few. Sadly, Trump voters don’t seem to understand this and there is no convincing them otherwise.

After the memory of their last debacle has had time to fade, and a new generation of suckers has had time to reach voting age, the Republicans reach into their bag of tricks and pull out The Magic Tax Cut. This is the one where the nice Rich Guys get another free lunch and the rest of us get the bill. Next, they start crying about the Bad Deficits and how we have to tighten our belts (except for pension and health care for Congress, and more kill-toys for the military), and those social programs are just a free giveaway anyhow. Then the crash will come, the economy will go in the tank, and the Democrats will have to put things back together again.

Trump is a master at fleecing the vulnerable. He did that with students at his so-called “university.” He did that with the workers and contractors he stiffed. And now he is doing that on a national scale, deepening his pockets that much more and leaving the rest of us high and dry.

When you have accomplished nothing other than expelling minorities and rolling back regulations to reduce climate change and lobbing a few cruise missiles at an empty airfield, why not a little more media distraction on the failed first 100 days by throwing out a wish list of tax cuts and reforms to blow up the hallowed deficit and perhaps, as with George W. Bush, the economy along with it. It would be “laughable” except that the Congressional Republicans have not given up their “tax cuts for the rich” as the solution to every problem despite the catastrophe of 2008.

I want to see Trump’s tax returns now more than ever. I want to see exactly how these tax cuts benefit him. For that matter, let’s get the tax returns from everyone in the Trump family, the Trump administration, and Congress. I also need to know what these tax cuts will cost this country in terms of indebtedness to foreign banks. There is no free lunch when it comes to taxes.

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