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US Judge KO’s Trump’s Bid To Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities

By Randy Deabay

So America had the distinct pleasure in watching the forces of evil, Donald Trump loses another “art of the deal” when the judge decided he was once again whoring the American Constitution for his own self-interest. America gets to see once again the pure evil of one man and his complete disrespect for the American Constitution. Many of his followers forgot that America is the Democratic Constitutional Republic, which makes three branches a check and balance against the other.

As a side show Barnum and Bailey, Trump found no solace in Mexico’s show of solidarity with President Donald Trump as the Mexican Government has also decided not to include funding for a border wall in their budget either. America is already so tired of losing, Americans cannot stand it anymore!!! Americans are celebrating in Trump’s first 100 days I office and his accolades which include spurred largest protests ever while having the lowest approval ratings ever and creating a new record of the most fired/resigned cabinet members ever.

As Americans watch Democrat Elijah Cummings state emphatically “”This is not some witch hunt. This is about a fight for the soul of our democracy.” American judges are stopping the POTUS at every turn. This is not the “so-called winning” that Donald Trump spewed out of his mouth during his campaign.

Finally, Americans get to the latest round of losses by America’s POTUS to judges and the Constitution. The ostensible withholding of funds from the sanctuary cities from New York to California. SAN FRANCISCO, April 25 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order that sought to withhold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge William Orrick III in San Francisco said Trump’s order targeted broad categories of federal funding for sanctuary governments and that plaintiff challenging the order were likely to succeed in proving it unconstitutional. Representatives from the U.S. Justice Department were not immediately available for comment. Sanctuary cities generally offer safe harbor to illegal immigrants and often do not use municipal funds or resources to advance the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Santa Clara County, which includes the city of San Jose and several smaller Silicon Valley communities, sued in February, saying Trump’s plan to withhold federal funds was unconstitutional. San Francisco filed a similar lawsuit.

Another proven declaration from a U.S. Judge that Donald J. Trump is breaking the Constitutional law, and taking his greed, and self-righteous naivety to a level Americans have not seen by a present day, President. Again average Americans are not alone, and each one must take the time to speak up and speak out about the unconstitutional actions of a poorly Constitutional educated POTUS.





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