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Trump Doesn’t Care About ISIS Or Anything Else, Except For His Sociopathic Ego

By Bobby M.

If you believed that Trump wants to fight ISIS, illegal immigration or anything else resembling a policy, you fell for a con. This also includes his supposed empathy for all of the children killed in Syria’s recent chemical weapons attack. I mention that case separately because some people thought they liked the stand he took. But the truth is, every single issue he has ever taken is more about just trying to win people over to support him. This includes hot button things like abortions, the NRA, job creation; all of it.

I say this because there are now two instances where he used the September 11th attacks to prop up his ego. Three thousand people died, over six thousand more injured and trillions of dollars were lost due to the cost and he tied it all into how his building is no longer the second tallest in New York City. It is unfortunate to the people of America, that statement did not get more publicity during last year’s campaign season. You would think using a comparison to one of our nation’s worst disasters would be disqualifying. You would also think comments like that would not happen again, but there was yet another occurrence.

In his recent interview with AP news, he again used that tragedy to prop himself up in how he said he gave CBS’s “Face The Nation” its highest ratings “since the World Trade Center came down.”  Anyone who would use a terrorist attack that killed so many, and shattered thousands of lives as a way to promote himself has no moral center at all, i.e. sociopathic tendencies.

The premise I am making can be backed up further when you take into account the lengths Trump went to deceive the American population about the attendance at his inauguration. Heck, the man even lied about the weather on that day saying the rain stopped when he began to speak; it was the opposite in how the rain started as soon as he opened his mouth. And we all know about how he is so fixated on the popular vote as further proof of his narcissism. Sometimes he said he won it, other times he would say voter fraud caused the difference. Either way, it all shows that his only real concern is making sure his fragile ego is soothed.

Due to all of that, I believe he is so adamant about the border wall being built because he sees it as a monument to himself. That has to be the real reason he wants it constructed; he thinks it will glorify him somehow. Anyone who would put such a monstrosity ahead of things like healthcare, feeding the poor, education and other such notions proves he cares about nothing other than himself. That is why I say that any political hot button stance he tries to make to people is all a facade in hopes of getting their vote, and allow that to also satisfy his ego.

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