By Randy Deabay

Two days prior to Easter and there be a knock on the door. A magistrate has ordered a 24-hour writ of ejectment for a small family to leave their home. No opportunity to appeal, since there is no court on the weekends, and no opportunity to offer some type of compromise so Easter is not ruined and the belongings can be saved. The owner of the property is mean, harsh, and unwilling to make any agreement except a payment of three months’ rent which equals $3,000.00. Easter dinner was gone, weekend spending with loved ones, gone, and an opportunity to save the items that have taken years to accumulate, gone?

What does the American dream mean to those who sacrifice so much to end with so little? We watch as a POTUS lives in a golden tower, his youngest child and Wife have a security detail that is more than this family will make in a lifetime, and in America, credit either gives you opportunity or makes it impossible to do anything from providing a roof, to owning a vehicle that will not fall apart within a week. For many low and middle-income Americans, this is the reality, and so few stop to recognize this failure of Christians around the country to stand up for the least of these.

This American of fifty-three years begs the owner to give the weekend, until Monday to make arrangements, but to no avail, and there is no opportunity for compromise. Blood pressure erupts, panic takes hold, sadness takes over, and a man of strength stands in the middle of the living room and breaks down in tears. Where shall he, his other half, and his pets, two small kitties go to live?

America, with all of its riches and abilities, has forgotten with the regulations and demands that many hard working citizens who refuse help from the government are lost, forgotten, and demoralized. Any American of Religious strength should never be satisfied gaining wealth while their neighbor loses all because of hardship, medical issues, or loss of income. Today, it may be a fifty-three-year-old who loses his home, but tomorrow will it be a young family of 3 that is kicked out onto the less than friendly city streets of inner cities within America?

Quickly, craigslist is pulled up on the computer, and every piece of furniture and a $1400.00 washer and dryer are listed. By Sunday morning all is sold for less than $600.00. The only reprisal was when the South Carolina Deputy showed up he could not force the small family off the property at 7 PM on Saturday and would have to wait for a warrant from a judge. This only gave a one-night reprise, and the ability to “give away” everything that would not fit into the car. By 11 am on Easter with clothing left, memories left, dishes and other personal items left behind as two kitties meow softly their goodbyes to home, not knowing what the car ride adventure was meaning for their lives.

Is this the America that Donald Trump promised when he stated make America great again? IS this the hopes and dreams for the young, and for the elderly of America? When do humanity and love thy neighbor become reality once again in America? There is an outward appearance of no love but hatred of those who do not meet the mold of the majority. When did America become that hateful, spiteful country?

So today, this fifty-three-year-old is settled short term in the cheapest hotel that accepts weekly rates and has his other half spraying to kill roaches on a daily basis, the food is fast food and no ability to cook within the hotel they are staying at. The internet connection is so slow that dial up was almost a faster way to communicate, and for the man of the family, he still goes to work daily, putting on a smile, working hard, and praying for a miracle. Liver failure is a background thought, and hate for the previous owner has no room in the mind of a person fighting to find a home to settle his little family into.

This is not making America great, no matter in what position you may find yourself. For the millions who have given up, should that not have been the first priority for a new POTUS? Making life easier by helping foster growth within the corporate world should have been a top priority for this POTUS. The bullying, the lying, the attacking, and the self-centered and greed of this President will only bring more to this situation, and if the American citizen won’t stand up for their neighbor, who will?