By Jason Taylor

This is a sad state of affairs. Those who had voted for Trump mistakenly thought he was going to drain the swamp and bring light to Washington yet he is going to end up doing the exact opposite and we all will pay for it. For someone who had never followed the rules/laws and did things as he darned well pleased is going to drive this country to the edge of its existence or over the edge depending on how corrupt things get.

Since nepotism is woven into this administration it should surprise no one that the people Trump appoints will all be richer by the time this disaster is said and done. He and his family/company will make a fortune off of the federal government and the backs of the people who put him into office.

Let’s not be surprised when we learn that this administration is the most corrupt since Warren Harding and Teapot Dome. And the Congress is just sitting by and letting it happen.

Turns out that Trump voters are apathetic about the new administration filled with appointees with entangled business conflicts and K St. lobby firms, they support an interventionist President, they have zero interest in clean air and clean water. They’re perfectly fine with giving up on health coverage for themselves and their families all in the interest of the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that will lead to trickle-down prosperity for the working class. They couldn’t care less that the President is under FBI investigation and they want a President who plays lots of golf and spends very little time in the White House working, this is all just fine.

Trump or the administration doesn’t care about ethics one bit, his base has forgotten about his ethics pledges and there is no accountability anyway. Mar-A-Lago was full this past weekend on the taxpayers dime -again.

After campaigning as a champion of the working class, Trump has appointed a cabinet of billionaires whose only contact with working people is the servants in their homes, yachts, and country clubs. Trump is gutting regulations that protect ordinary Americans from profit-hungry corporate interests in manufacturing, energy, and banking. This ethical quagmire of inside-dealing and blatant nepotism is becoming standard operating procedure for Trump’s executive branch. Trump’s presidency will eventually create a two-class society: Trump’s uber-wealthy circle of insiders at the top — and all the rest of us at the bottom.

Donald Trump is nothing more than a fraud. He is doing whatever he wants, laughing in our faces. Running up huge bills for his traveling, cheating whenever, and wherever he can, lying at every opportunity, exposing this country to more, and more danger, and embarrassment under the guise of being our president.

An absolute disgrace to the honor of that office. It chills me that a bust of this lunatic will someday sit among the busts of Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson in the rotunda. And this lying, thieving, cheat had the nerve to say crooked Hillary? If this were a European country we would hold a vote of confidence, and he would be thrown out on his butt, golf clubs and all. I have absolutely zero respect for those who still cannot see this man for what he is, and how he is bleeding this country for all he can get.

This president will always have an asterisk next to his name. Just like the steroid users in baseball denied admittance to the Hall of Fame because their achievements were done under a cloud of suspicion our current president became president under a taint of illegitimacy and will always be viewed as illegitimate.

The Russians, fake news, false claims, complete fabrications and lies, nothing about him was substantial and forthright, everything was cloak and dagger, subterfuge or worse and hence the election was stolen. Add to that beliefs in conspiracies, far right agendas and a good dose of mental illness and many of the most qualified people want nothing to do with this administration. Who is left and attracted by working in such an environment?

Who is left and attracted by working in such an environment? The ill-prepared, self-serving and those who share the president’s delusions step forward for consideration. It is not clear yet if this wound is self-inflicted or done to us by the Russians. Certainly, they have a big influence and their agents seem plentiful in this administration.

What worries me more and more each day is how this Trump example might be adopted by future administrations. Is Trump — as he gets away with anything he wants — providing our future American leaders a game plan they can use, too, and perhaps expand on?

It’s not hard to see that this man cares not for our Democracy. We need something done in Congress to stop this train wreck of a presidency. But if he truly can’t be reined in, I do hope we as Americans smarten up and never let another one like him so diminish our White House ever again.