By Kevin Bailey

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I am such a baby.

I can’t believe I wet my bed! I’m ten-and-a-half years old for pete’s sake! Who wets their bed when they’re ten?!?

The first time it happened was the night before last. I didn’t tell anybody. I just pushed my underwear and pajamas down in the hamper, and changed the sheet. But it happened again last night. (I wouldn’t have even written about it now if Kayleigh hadn’t told.)

Mama came into my room to talk to me.

“Micki, do we need to talk about something?” She sounded worried.

“No Mama.” But I knew why she was there.

“Micki, have you been having some accidents?”

I was caught.

“I’m sorry, Mama! I didn’t mean to. I didn’t drink anything before bed, I promise!”

We had a rule about that, because Colton used to have accidents. After he was gone, we just kept the rule around for some reason.

“Micki, is something bothering you?”

I know she was worried that since it was getting close to Christmas (just 6 more weeks!) I was thinking about Colton, and having more “psychological troubles.” That’s what she calls them: “Psychological troubles.”

It means she thinks I’m getting more sad about Colton dying. When she asked me about that it made me feel guilty. I had so much fun on Halloween (even with the spanking!) and have been writing stories so much that I haven’t thought about Colton dying as much lately. I felt sorry about that, like I was letting him down or something.

I told her that, but I don’t think she believed me. She got sad eyes, like when I said I wished I was the dead one.

I promise it’s true, though. I’ve written lots of stories in my book, where me and Colton are the heroes. It only hurts real bad now when I think about what happened to him in the real world. It’s like in my stories we’re still together, having adventures in Supracaelum.

That’s the name of the world where Colton and I go. Sometimes Kayleigh and Garrett are with us in my stories. They believe in it. They’re not Altus yet. (Altus are people who don’t believe in Supracaelum.) I also call Heaven that once in awhile, but I don’t think Mama and Daddy like that very much. Teneras are people who believe.

Emily helped me name my world, and the things in it, so I think she can be a Tenera forever! She says that they are Latin words. Emily is studying that language this year. Altus just means “old” and Tenera means “young” so they’re not bad words or anything. I know for sure what Supracaelum means. It means “above the sky.”

It’s cool that Emily helped me think of the names. I said that Isobel was the coolest big sis in the world, but Emily is too.

Not every adult is an Altus. Uncle Scott and Aunt Grace are Teneras. Uncle Scott believes in Supracaelum. I told him about it, because he’a a writer like me, so I thought he would understand. He wants to read my stories, but I’ll have to think about that. Some of the stories I write are kind of personal.

In a weird way, sometimes I have trouble believing in Supracaelum. Like today, when Mama came to talk about my “accidents”, I pretended I was leaving for an adventure with Colton, because I was embarrassed. Sometimes I close my eyes and fall asleep, and float away into Supracaelum. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, so I see Colton more now.

It didn’t work this time.

I opened my eyes, and Mama was still sitting there, looking at me with those sad eyes. If only she knew; I have great adventures almost every day now! I wish I could tell her, but I can’t. She would just think it was weird. And I would probably have to go see that stupid fat guy again.

I don’t ever want to see him again.

I mean, what would he think if he knew I had wet the bed? It would be so embarrassing! That guy is definitely an Altus—and not one of the friendly ones!

Mama worries too much. She thinks I don’t play outside like I used to, and all I ever do is sleep and write. She’s right about that part. I have filled up one little book and Mama and Daddy got me a new one to write in. Mama thinks it’s not healthy to write and sleep all the time.

“Jason, I wish I knew how to fix her!” She said that to Daddy one time, while I was sitting on the stairs writing. She thought I was in my room.

“It can’t be good for her to spend all her time by herself. I haven’t seen Nikki around for almost a month!”

She’s also right about that: I really don’t see much of Nikki nowadays. She is turning into an Altus, even though she’s only 11—just 8 months older than me. She doesn’t believe in Supracaelum; she thinks it’s silly. But Mama is worried since I don’t play with her anymore—and now because of the accidents.

But if she knew about Supracaelum, she would know that I didn’t have accidents because of missing Colton. Oh sure, I still miss him, but that’s not why I have accidents. I don’t know why I have them.

I guess that’s why they’re called accidents.