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More Horrible Things Learned About Trump In The Healthcare Repeal Failure

By Bobby M.

Considering Trump has mocked the disabled, promoted rape culture and all of the other terrible things done and said, it is truly remarkable that even more can be learned about the type of person he is from the GOP healthcare repeal failure’s fallout. By the way, Trump never cared about healthcare for people at all. His only concern was doing what he could to try and hurt Obama’s legacy as proven by all the other things he has done to roll back regulations (climate, education, etc) from the previous administration. That in and of itself tells you how much of a scumbag he is when he places revenge and vendetta above the livelihood of the Americans he is supposed to be serving.

The first thing that comes to mind is how he could not take any responsibility whatsoever for the bill not even going to vote. Did he forget the number of times he was screaming to his cult at the campaign rallies, “Repeal and replace”? And when he was not doing that, he would mention how he could negotiate anything. His negotiating skills sucked when it came to trying to talk the GOP into a real healthcare alternative. Then he tried to blame everyone else for the failure of things not working out. From Paul Ryan himself, to House republicans, to the Freedom Caucus, to democrats; all that mattered to him was that the public not think any blame could be placed on his shoulders.

Trump is also a coward. He could not come out himself and blame Paul Ryan for crafting a bad legislative bill; he had to have someone else say it for him. Trump promoted Judge Jeannie’s show on Fox News where her lead was about how the failure should be placed on Paul Ryan and how he should step down from the House Majority leader position. There was definitely collusion there and it was not a coincidence .

His stupidity was also on full display when he tried to blame Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Why on Earth would they want to do anything to help the GOP replacement plan? To try and blame them or any other democrats was a ridiculous claim and anyone who would even consider it means that they obviously have issues when it comes to a lack of general understanding and basic logic skills.

So to summarize, we learned that an already horrific person is even worse than we thought he was before. That is who is leading our country right now and it should scare the crap out of every single one of us that a person like that is in the White House.



1 Comment on More Horrible Things Learned About Trump In The Healthcare Repeal Failure

  1. Hmm…I wonder if this is why my dad’s been watching more DVDs at night than FUX news…finally. I guess he’s sick of this crap, too (I’ve been for a year).


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