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Trumpcare, Ryancare — Going Nowherecare

By Jason Taylor

I’m so disgusted with the Republican members of Congress right now, that it’s hard to constrain myself. Apparently, despite (some of them) being educated, and despite their claims that they are there to represent their constituents, they seem fixated on only two possible “solutions”: a bad bill, and a horrible bill.

How did our country get to a place where the party in power can openly call for an end to maternity care, emergency services, clean air and water, arts and education, and other pillars of a healthy and civilized society, and have a sizable chunk of the population cheer them on? I cannot fathom the thought process that leads anyone to conclude that guaranteed maternity care is an evil threat to our freedom or however it’s being spun.

Let’s call it what it is — The American Healthcare Destruction and Suppression Act of 2017 — a bill so horrendous that more people will be without healthcare if it is enacted than having no law at all. The only winners here are the wealthy who will see their taxes drop a few thousand dollars (the cost of a single meal for some of them). The rest of us will see higher premiums and deductibles, reduced coverage and subsidies, and in many cases no affordable options at all. The only affordable option is a single payer system which we might get to discuss in 2018 after this all blows up in the Republican’s faces.

This is a win/win for Democrats. If Republicans fail, the ACA persists. If they succeed, Republicans will fail in the midterms, and beyond. A lot of people will get hurt in the process if they succeed, but the silver lining is worth noting: combined with Trump’s magical touch for alienating voters (something he’s actually winning at), Republicans are on track to enact legislation across the board that is anti-average-American. From the EPA to health care, to the arts, meals on wheels, increased military spending and tax cuts for the rich, Republicans are on track to burn their own house to the ground by the fall of 2018.

This is a lesson for all voters to look at the character of a candidate. Look at his/her history. Listen to their words. It is apparent many voters did not. You voters said that Christ would heal Trump. That he had goodness in his heart. He does not. He cares zero about the poor and cannot identify with the needs of the middle class. But you should have seen that coming.

It will be a raw deal any way you slice it. If the amoral leadership panders too much to the freedom (from care) caucus, the moderates — aka, not as rabid because the district is not gerrymandered — will have a 2018 problem. Suddenly, improving Obamacare is the only way forward. The Republican obstructionists could have done that 7 years ago, instead of wasting their 7 year’s worth of energy just to make President Obama look bad. For what? Getting a bully president who filled his cabinet with Russies, supremacists and family members.

A truly great American – Will Rogers – bears remembering, as he once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!”. The House republicans would serve the American people best if they took their blinders off and started acting in the interest of their constituents, instead of clinging to the false narrative about the ACA they’ve been hypnotizing each other with over the past 7 years.

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I am beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws. All together I'm a beautiful disaster.

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