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Trump’s Approval Rating Tanks: Russia, Healthcare, and That Wiretap

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump’s latest approval rating has finally dipped into the high 30% range, 37% to be more precise as reported by Gallup on Sunday. With the week ahead for Trump, it doesn’t look like it will get any better, more likely, far worse. The GOP is in panic mode: (whether they admit it or not) the hearings on Russia start today with James Comey on the hill.

Then you have the healthcare vote in the House later in the week, lest we forget that nightmare of a budget Team Trump put forth last week. Not to mention the endless golfing, Mar-a-largo, Melania Trump held up in the penthouse in New York, the Merkel/Germany debacle etc… things are about to go from bad to worse for the Donald.

And there’s that matter of Trump accusing former President Obama of commenting a felony. That’s not going away. You can spin it nine ways to Sunday, but the fact is that Trump lied. Period.

What planet are we on? Day after day Trump delivers his delusional reactive drivel. Lies lies lies. That on top of the most unethical self-serving people including his family surrounding him who as we know don’t care about us except to get money from us. The banks and Wall Street are joyous. The administration of rich get richer, the formerly middle class is lowered even further and the poor are submerged.

Donald Trump got caught in a whopper that he can’t wiggle out of even by releasing a tiny fragment of his 2005 tax return, even by getting rid of auto fuel economy standards, even by running away from an insultingly bad Obamacare replacement plan, and a budget that both sides of the aisle hate.

So many distractions, so much disinformation, so little credibility, so little trust.

Trump continues to paint himself into a corner as he doggedly pursues this spurious claim of tower wiretapping. Now, by sweeping in the British, he’s turned it into an international incident. The man is fundamentally flawed. His detachment from facts is degrading the strength of our Nation and its institution. The Republican Congress must act by calling Mr. Trump to account now.

It’s no longer that Trump has lost credibility outside the US borders — the US as a country is losing credibility among both it’s enemies and increasingly among its allies. Where are the checks and balances which the world looks to when occasionally American policy goes awry? What’s the cost to the US — thousands of international students rethinking a US education, hundreds of thousands rethinking US vacations and millions rethinking purchasing American products. If the US wants isolation, be careful what you wish for.

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  1. I think this is the first time we’ll be the most hated nation in the world and it WON’T be because of a war…wow. I have to keep reminding myself that “The Art of the Deal” was ghost-written, because if he’s supposed to be our chief diplomat by default, he’s doing a crappy job.

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