By Oletta Branstiter

March 9, 2017, was a banner day for those who have developed binary brain syndrome.

Republican Speaker Paul Ryan, in a pathetic display to sell RINOcare (repeal in name only) to his colleagues, actually said, “This is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing Obamacare. It really comes down to a binary choice.”

Ryan said something eerily similar last July, falsely reducing voters’ options to either Trump or Hillary.

On social media, melodrama is spreading from overwrought responses to political pundits who dare to hold Conservative icon Ted Cruz accountable to his promises. Some Cruz devotees have forgotten that the human brain can entertain the concept of and. Real life is not an either/or proposition. One can support Senator Cruz and hold him accountable to Conservative principles.

There are a few patriots left who remember that vigilance is the price of liberty.

There were other options besides voting for Trump or Hillary. The real problem started long before those two degenerates became the nominees. It began when citizens accepted the false premise that we must continually choose between bad or worse. The only result we get from falling for this deception is becoming further removed from Constitutional principles.

This is the method Progressives use to replace the rule of law with the rule of man. The plan is working perfectly.

How many times were we told that Trump would be less destructive than Hillary? Millions of Republicans bought into the false dichotomy and willingly opted for a little destruction. In order to justify the betrayal of nearly every Conservative principle, many “Republicans” and “Conservatives” overcompensated by becoming fanatical apologists for their new leader. They brand anyone who dares to criticize Trump as a traitor who must obviously support Hillary or hate America.

Conservatism was turned on its head and distorted to necessitate blind devotion to Trump. This skewed philosophy now extends to President Trump’s policies. Republicans and Conservatives are condemned for using their own discernment or the rule of law to judge the President’s actions. We are ordered to embrace them, like loyal Trumpists.

It’s official – many on the Right have willingly relinquished their human brain functions and accepted the limitations of binary choices. Conservatism, Republicanism, and Constitutionalism have been superseded by Trumpism. This, my friends, is why trading patriotism for nationalism historically leads to fascism.

Those on the Left are busy entertaining the many ways they can sabotage our Republic.

We’ve just made their job that much easier.