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Wrestling with Gender-Confusion

By Oletta Branstiter

On February 25, 2017, high school student Mack Beggs was declared the winner in the girls’ 110 lb weight class Texas wrestling state championship.

What a surprise! Who would have guessed that a boy would defeat all the girls on the wrestling mat? Perhaps it’s more precise to state that no one should be shocked when a young woman taking male hormones would have an advantage over teenage girls of the same weight who do not.

While Mack identifies as a male and takes testosterone to facilitate “his” physical transition, Beggs was born female. Under the University Interscholastic League rules, Mack must compete as a girl, because that is the designation on her birth certificate.

Parents and students attending the championship event gave various opinions on the matter. Some expressed their opposition, especially at the moment Beggs was announced the winner, adding boos to the cheers from the audience.

One young lady was interviewed saying she would be “proud” to wrestle a girl brave enough to take the steps necessary to become a boy. Why bother? If I were her, I’d just forfeit the match and save my time and energy for more equitable pursuits, like wrestling non-gender-confused alligators, or something.

A mother was quoted saying that she didn’t consider the advantage of male steroids to be any different from students who benefit from enjoying better training facilities.

We need a new politically correct campaign now:

“State of the art Gyms and Steroids For All Girls who may be required to wrestle transitioning boys”

A little common sense can go a long way.


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