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Steve Bannon Is A Bully With A Perverted Sense Of Injustice

By Jason Taylor

Steve Bannon’s History is one of subterfuge. He gradually worms his way into a position of power, leaving behind those who helped him get there. Bannon wants to be the Caeser, the fiddler watching the regulatory system burn down. it has taken us 240 years of citizen action to build this mechanism for our protection for people like him. He helped to create Trump for the purpose of destroying it. it will put people like him in power for a generation.

When Trump moves his lips, I hear Bannon talking. All Trump cares about is being adored by his base. His recent life is a story of massive insecurity and a desire to be liked — by women, TV audiences, reporters (at least until he got to DC) and the like.

Bannon’s adoption of Breitbart shows just what a sociopath he is. He published a series of lies and conspiracy theories about Hillary, she represented the biggest threat to his ulterior path to power. He saw Trump as a weakling with no political ideology. Trump’s ideology is whatever keeps his income from failing, Bannon is his crutch. His version of “Make America Great Again” is that of the Robber Baron Century. We are approaching that with the private equity owners, the influence of the super rich like the Barons of principalities.

He and they have found the demagoguery that attracts those who believe some hidden government agency is behind their misfortune, their inability to get ahead in a culture that makes that a dream. They do not share in that dream, but Bannon and his henchmen will lead them to the promised land.

Bannon is a charlatan, his motives are well concealed, you have to see what he does, not what he says. He is evil, probably the evilest man we have ever had advising a president.

My impression is that Bannon, while wrong about many things, is super intelligent and, of most importance, is smart enough to manipulate Trump to do and say what he wants him to. It’s not that Trump is unintelligent; it’s that his constant need for attention and adoration, and his resultant aversion to any kind of criticism, makes him easy fodder for the likes of Bannon.

And, unfortunately, also for a master manipulator like Putin.

Anti-Catholicism, anti-papists in a different costume. The pseudo-intellectual language of “nation with a culture” is just another variation of the emperor in new clothes. Bannon is a bully. He enjoys creating strife. He gets off knowing he is hurting people. Bannon is not part of a historical cycle. Bannon is just part of the lesser members of the human family who get off on causing strife, harm, conflict and once in a while, even war. Bannon is not an original.

In Trump, he is found a man of lowly intellect, uninterested in even trying to think about a situation and who bends to whoever flatters him the most. Perhaps that is why many are now writing President Bannon. Perhaps this heavy-faced fellow, who looks extremely weary for his age, is a modern secular éminence grise, or even Cardinal Richelieu.

Trying to understand what motivates Bannon is to a great extent a pointless exercise. So is looking for some deeply felt ideology. What matters is that he is the dark eminence behind Trump’s worst impulses and one whose actions are aimed at destroying government institutions that are the outgrowth of decades of compromises and political experience.

What we hear from him is a view of the world as one of conflict, in which countries look out for themselves and take advantage of any weakness shown by other countries. Cooperation is for the weak minded. A country is strongest when it is a monoculture and the superiority of its monoculture is proven by its dominance over others.

This is the essence of a virulent nationalism and a prelude to war between nations. He is truly a dangerous individual who should not be anywhere near the levers of power, I fully expect that soon there will be a clash between Bannon and McMaster (who has plenty of experience to see how foolish and dangerous Bannon’s view of the world is). We should all hope that McMaster prevails.

Whether it is spoken or not, militarism is a central part of the Bannon world view and the Trump agenda, and it may ultimately create the worst consequences.

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2 Comments on Steve Bannon Is A Bully With A Perverted Sense Of Injustice

  1. Excellent observations….a variation of “Trump’s Brain”….not much can be added to your thoughts…well done…chuq

  2. Normally I never talk or write this way. Steve Bannon is an ignorant, egotist with a small brain and a big head. Hopefully McMaster will remove him from the NSC. He’s Trump with an agenda and that’s scary. He should be forced to resign because his beliefs and actions are undemocratic and unacceptable to any decent human being.

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