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Russiagate: Michael Flynn Was A Pawn Sacrifice

By Jason Taylor

When lies are spread around like confetti at a New Year’s eve party as has happened endlessly with Donald Trump over the past year and a half, it is hard to get excited over ones told by anyone in his administration. We have a new day and a new set of lies. Did we expect anything different when the Trump was elected President; I didn’t.

Will Ryan or McConnell do anything about this corruption? Not on your life. They are too busy dismantling the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid the outcome of which will hurt everyone.

Rand Paul says “it makes no sense for Republicans to investigate Republicans.”, seriously? So the GOP of old mendacious white males is given a pass on everything. Some talking head on CBS yesterday morning said we could look back on this crazed beginning and say wasn’t that a messy start? WHAT! How is competence and honesty or any form of governing integrity going to come out of this incompetent, arrogant, batch of lying thieves? Leaks are the problem from the White House perspective. Russia must be blackmailing the whole leadership. I did not give much credence to the salacious parts ascribed to the Moscow hotel tapes but now I have to wonder.

I can’t explain the president’s lack of concern for protocol, disregard of security procedures, inept application of Executive Orders, disrespect for the courts and odd preoccupation with crowd size and Arnold Schwarzenegger at public gatherings. While this loose cannon fires at every revered American institution, he showers Putin with praise. It’s disgusting to imagine the smug glee that Putin must feel as he watches the president of the United States flirt with him like a besotted schoolgirl.

Every couple of hours, another stone is unturned and something nasty crawls out. Just as press saved us during Watergate, the press is leading the charge in this battle for democracy.

Make no mistake. All of the attacks upon the press were done to discredit it for this exact type of situation. First, they called the press the “mainstream press” as if there was more than one press. Then they started the “fake news” barrage. That’s how dictatorships operate. They choke off the flow of information, then they discredit any news that reveals their true actions. They appoint the alternative facts counselor and post truth America squad to the forefront. They, in turn, lie constantly about everything.

Trump has Bannon, an avowed destroyer of established order as his key advisor. Then we have a fanatic ideologue in Flynn who right behind him with his crackpot beliefs. This is a conspiracy hiding in plain sight. They did everything they could to throw the election. It all ties back to Russia. Trump’s support of Putin is such an obvious tell that we don’t want to believe it.

Believe it America.

Not only do we have a paid off GOP Congress, bribed with block grants and tax cuts, we have Jeff Sessions as the nation’s lead prosecutor. Sessions just happen to be one of the staunchest, earliest and most ardent supporters of Trump. Connect the dots. This infection came from Russia. Flynn is just the first boil.

I always thought the election was a choice between the fake corruption of Clinton and the real corruption of Trump. Sadly, the media decided to make the former real and latter phony. We will pay the costs of that choice for a long long time. My only hope is that Trump doesn’t decide to sell out the country to Russia so that he and his greedy vulgar family can line their own pockets. Because in the end, Trump doesn’t care about American or the forgotten man. He only cares about himself. He and the GOP are a disgrace to this country.

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  1. It’s a shame that it took the people electing Trump to start figuring out that the government hasn’t really worked well for decades. The only thing I can see coming out of all this is that after the next four years (or sooner), people will start asking questions instead of being sheep.

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