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The Plot Thickens Inside The Trump White House

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump has been President for one month, and the possibility that Trump and his closest associates have committed treason is a legitimate concern. And Republicans, those great and patriotic Americans, are looking for excuses to close their eyes and ears.

Given the suspicious circumstances surrounding Trump’s narrow electoral victory — fake news reports, targeted DNC hacks, potential voting irregularities, internet trolling ( all linked to Russia and all suspiciously well aligned with Trump’s campaign), and given this new information regarding the level of coordination between Trump aides and top Russian intel / politicians, the likelihood of direct collusion between Trump and Russia is extremely high. That would be an impeachable offense, if not a treasonous one. We cannot have an administration compromised by, and beholden to, an enemy state.

Yesterday (I’m sure today as well) Trump enablers were blathering about leaks — forgetting that 17 intelligence agencies have been looking into the Russians’ influence on the U.S. election. Surely the Republicans can step up and support a bipartisan investigation? Surely they will want to vet the evidence turned up by our 17 intelligent agencies?

I’m not holding my breath, and neither should you.

If memory serves me correctly didn’t Trump deny that he or any of his aides had any contact with Russians while campaigning for President? The alternative facts change daily whether coming directly from Trump or his sycophantic salespeople. Senator John McCain appeared to be the only Republican critical of Trump yesterday while the networks sought to solicit both Democratic and Republican opinions about the chaotic mess unfolding at both the North White House and the South White House at Mar-A-Lago.

If Trump were a Democrat, it would be a foregone conclusion that impeachment was forthcoming, followed by a forced resignation. FBI Director Comey’s involvement here just underscores his duplicitous behavior that was anything but politically neutral in the presidential race. Trump and his team are so obviously pathetically unqualified and ill-suited to have any sort of honorable roles in public service at any level of government. Their deceitful and criminal behavior makes them ideal candidates for mobsters and crooked businessmen and women.

The jaw-dropping incompetence & boldface lying, coupled with a brazen arrogance of a magnitude never witnessed in the Executive branch, is being watched by incredulous and fearful eyes not only in the US but around the world. Any and all notions of American government as the global benchmark for democracy, fair and honest elections, noble behavior and just treatment of its citizens, have now been permanently dispelled. There must be a serious investigation and a real consideration of impeachment hearings.

There’s something wrong here. Comey announces to the world, right before the election, that the FBI is investigating newly found emails involving Hillary Clinton, but at the last hour reveals that nothing new was found. Meanwhile, nothing at all is disclosed about an ongoing investigation into unauthorized contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, which apparently runs deeper than anyone could ever imagine. What is going on in this country?

We are just beginning to learn of the chaos that reigns in the White House under the auspices of President Trump. We read a little more every day about the Russian influence on the presidential campaign, during which Russia lent its services to Trump and concurrently paid trolls to smear Hillary Clinton and diminish her chances of a fair election. Now we get bits and hints of Trump’s and Putin’s involvement in the campaign which, as far as I can determine, cost the Democratic party its victory unfairly and illegally and put Donald Trump in the White House, where he reigns over leaks and scandals and rumors. The government is in a turmoil.

This is Trump’s greatest insult to the American people — to suborn an election to the highest degree possible, to take the prize, and then to vilify and demean every part of the process and whine because he didn’t get more votes? Good God — what is the matter with this man? Is it too much to ask that we need to have someone in the White House who isn’t stark, staring and ambitiously insane?

This feels like the beginning of the end for trump — how will he defend himself, deny, distract? What happens next? Serious Republicans better get in front of this or it will run out of control and ruin even their tenuous hold on credibility. How will Trump supporters react? Bet the pollsters are running now trying to find out — my guess is it will be 50–50 don’t care among the ranks. This may be the greatest test of democracy in history — and a test of the ranks of leadership in this country.

A full investigation by an independent prosecutor must begin. The full transcripts of these treasonous acts should be released so everyone can see their shameful acts. Perhaps under the bright light of transparency, Trump and Pence will do the only honorable thing and resign in ignominy.

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  1. The man’s so damned wound up and perpetually angry I will be the least surprised person if he gives himself a heart attack before 2018 hits. Then again, he probably releases the pressure valve inside best through blame and Tweets. He’d be dead by now if it weren’t for Twitter, because how else can he vent his impotent rage against everyone that’s not just like him?

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