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SNL And Alec Baldwin Prepare For The Trump Bowl On NBC

By Bobby M.

The only good thing to come out of Trump being in politics has been Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. It has even gone so far as to provide a lesson to mainstream journalism on how to cover the President in a time he calls anything he does not like ‘Fake News’. Not only has the skit turned into must see television, but waiting for Trump to reply on Twitter has also become a major event. Tonight’s episode (February 11, 2016) of the long-running NBC mainstay will be the first time that Mr. Baldwin will be hosting the show since donning his Trump impersonation, and I am sure he will pull out all of the stops to make it the best episode yet.

Last week’s show served as a perfect prelude to what is coming in the Feb 11th episode. As usual, Alec Baldwin knocked his performance out of the park when he did the cold-open for the telecast. And the ‘Weekend Update’ crew did a great job in how they blend the latest news into their routine. But what stole the show was a surprise skit by Melissa McCarthy doing an excellent impersonation of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Watch any of those now if you missed them or would like a reminder…

Melissa McCarthy’s performance set the internet ablaze and led to her treading on Twitter well into the next day. Politico even reported that the impersonation upset Trump so much that he now looks down on his Press Secretary for appearing weak. Sean Spicer, for his part, at least showed to everyone how he is a good sport when it comes to satire. Almost immediately after all that attention, people began to wonder about someone doing the same thing when it came to Steve Bannon…and Rosie O’Donnell immediately answered the call. So now the anticipation on whether she will be part of the telecast is also something people are talking about. Baldwin was hoping to make it happen because he thinks it would really piss off Trump.

Speaking of the expectations for tonight’s SNL episode, a Dominican newspaper accidentally (or intentionally as no one really knows) posted an image of Baldwin as Trump in an article that was supposed to be a serious piece. Social media obviously had a field day with that mistake considering not only how funny it was, but also because of the excitement surrounding the show tonight. As part of an effort to promote his appearance on SNL, Alec Baldwin did a guest spot on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where they did dueling Trump impressions you can see here…

Make sure you watch Saturday Night Live tonight on NBC, because not only will it be must-see-TV, but the suspense to see what Donald Trump’s reaction to the show will have it’s own entertainment value as well.

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  1. These skits are the only things on the that’ve put a smile on my face on the politics front. Sheesh–the Dump is really putting us all in the Dumps.

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