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Resisting Trumpism Requires Political Generosity

By Kevin Bailey 

In the past, political battles were fought along familiar lines: taxes, abortion, gay marriage, and other issues were clear demarcation lines for such battles. These battles were fought along these familiar philosophical and ideological lines, raging back and forth over the years, with gains and losses tallied on each issue. These issues are still important, and in the future, such battlefields may once again be populated. But, at least temporarily, such divides need to end.

A new war has begun, this one for the soul of America. This war requires all hands on deck, from even those who once fought on opposite sides of issues about which they care very deeply. The opponent in this war is Donald Trump, as well as the confederacy of dunces, theocrats, crypto-fascists, and overt white supremacists that prop up the execrable effluvium that is Trump. Trump and these toadies must be defeated utterly, let we cede the very core of who we are as a nation.

This means that those fighting on both sides of the contentious issues listed in the opening paragraph must (temporarily) lay aside these differences, and make common cause in resisting Trump’s creeping fascism. There will come a day when those battles can be fought again. Once Trumpism has been consigned to the dustbin of history, those battles will once again move to the fore.

For now, make common cause. This is something I’ve been actively trying to do. I have many Christian friends who are deeply embarrassed by what the leaders of their religion have done in the name of Christ during this election. While I still disagree with them on issues about which I care deeply (such as gay marriage, for example), I have chosen to make common cause with them in opposition to Trump. We organize future protests together, are planning information and get-out-the-vote campaigns for mid-term elections, in an attempt to move the political needle back towards sanity in America.

Now, in using the phrase “make common cause”, I am not advocating stopping your work on issues that you hold dear. I am simply saying that the defeat of Trumpism is of such importance that we must extend a generous hand across the “political aisle”, as it were. There is a fine example of this to be found in independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Though his background is exclusively GOP, he has refused to “come home” to Trumpism–as Mike Pence demanded of Republicans–even after Trump’s election as the 45th “President” of the United States. McMullin has reached across the aisle right-to-left, opening a dialogue with many on the anti-Trump left.

McMullin has taken a great deal of flack, from both Trumpets (which was, of course, to be expected), as well as some on both the right and left in the anti-Trump movement. It is this last part that must cease. There are many issues on which I disagree with McMullin, particularly regarding his more neoconservative outlook regarding the expression of American power on the world stage. But at this moment in the history of America, there is simply no issue more important than ensuring the defeat of Trumpism. If Trumpism is not defeated, America ceases to be what she’s always been: a beacon of democracy and hope in an ever more dangerous world.

In less dangerous times, I am not an advocate of the philosophy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”But these are not “less dangerous times.” In my view, our nation stands at a precipice unseen in American history since the Civil War concluded 152 years ago. We must work together to pull her back from that precipice. To save our nation from the Trumpism that would destroy her must be our primary and uniting theme until this war for her soul has been won. For now, our uniting creed must be this:

If you fight Trumpism, I am with you.

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About Kevin Bailey (35 Articles)
Born and raised in Kansas, Kevin now lives in North Carolina, working at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte as an Academic Advisor. He has extensive experience as a writer, beginning with his work as an opinion columnist for his college newspaper, and extending through time working as the primary film critic for and its affiliated sites. He now serves as a film and television critic for EatPrayVote, and dabbles in writing about politics for EPV as well.

5 Comments on Resisting Trumpism Requires Political Generosity

  1. Leaving aside the name calling, what exactly do you see as Trumpism and what is so bad about it?

    • Trumpism is a dangerous blend of Nationalist Populism with a deep authoritarian bent. The answer to the second part of your question is self-evident in my answer to the first part of your question.

  2. When we win against Mr. Trump and his cronies and I am sure we will, how do those of us who joined the cause reconcile our differences? Hopefully by working together now we can again after.

    • I truly don’t know. For me, it will be difficult to reconcile with those who helped get Trump elected, even once they finally acknowledge who he really is. I don’t know how I could ever vote for even someone like Marco Rubio again, for example.

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