Jake Tapper Lets Kellyanne Conway Keep Rambling On, and On, and On

By Jason Taylor

I was told about this interview by a friend, but I wasn’t able to catch it when it first aired live on CNN. I caught the replay on Don Lemon’s show. I was able to watch the 20-minute exchange and to say I was left speechless, would be an understatement.

Tapper is a pro, one of best out there. Both political sides would tell you that. Kellyanne Conway is also a pro, but the caveat here is Conway trying to spin her way out of the countless lies Trump has rattled off the past few days. And Tapper called her on every single one Trump has uttered. Tapper also called Conway on the Bowling Green Massacre, which we now know she has said not once, but three times in previous interviews, one with TMZ.

Kellyanne Conway has always been respected inside the D.C beltway, and out. As she continues down this path with Trump she is losing credibility and doing serious damage to her brand.

Kellyanne should just resign and walk away from this Trump disaster. Donald Trump isn’t going to change. The lies will continue, and I fear as his approval ratings continue to tumble, they will only get more frequent, and more outlandish.


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