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Nope. Not Now. Not Next Week.

By Jason Taylor 

Some words are hard to forget, hateful actions and hour long speeches filled with rambling racial overtones, even harder. That’s the Donald Trump I know. That’s the Steve Bannon I know. Hate-filled propaganda to the masses of Trump’s “uneducated” base support.

Here’s the problem. The Republicans have what they seem to been working towards since Newt hit the big time — the erosion of trust in government and institutions. This is exactly what got Trump elected. Despite the occasional powerless whimper from McCain about Russia or Graham about the Muslim ban, neither will actually ever do anything.

Ironically, I believe the republican senate leadership really doesn’t know what it is dealing with. I think they figure they can “work with this guy” Trump. They can’t see the writing on the wall. I have little hope our nation can be saved.

Dictatorship is the most efficient form of government. We kind of opted out of that type government with that Constitution thing. It kinda sorta establishes a republican democracy where the people elect their representatives to govern.

I say kinda sorta does because the whole deal falls apart if the elected representatives don’t follow those pesky things called laws. It is not possible with this type of system to enact laws that cover every possible situation so it is necessary for officials to respect and honor the intent and spirit of the laws. Tradition and established procedure also play a role in that they establish time-tested ways of conducting business.

Not so with Trump. The entire legacy of tradition and law just got thrown out of the window. Trump is going to do whatever he can get away with no matter what he has to break in the process. In doing so, he is breaking our nation.

The founding fathers were elitists. They didn’t want the commoners to have too much power. They feared populism run amuck. That’s why Senators were appointed. They wanted a professional, educated class to temper the raw populism of the House.

Well, we don’t do that anymore. There is no more professional class in politics. Trump harkens the end of that era. It’s all TV ratings now. It’s all hype. Alternate facts they call it. Post-truth America they call it.

I don’t think Trump wants to succeed as President, in the accepted sense. I believe he wants to prove he’s “better” than his predecessors, especially Obama. His first yardstick is acclaim; his second is attention; third is disruption. In these, he looks for quantity, rather than quality.

While he’s being used by Bannon, I believe he’s also using Bannon. Bannon is a prop. A comrade. Another schoolboy behaving very badly. Another meanie. Another fearful boy turned bully. A real friend, in every sense, if harmony creates friendship.

In Trump’s case, he is trying to run the United States the way he ran his business empire. Modern corporate businesses are essentially dictatorships. There is no voting by underlings to ratify or disagree with the CEO’s edicts. Employees are usually reduced to the role of idiots (other than the highest executives in the company, who are allowed some say) who must smile, nod their assent to whatever whims the CEO has, and keep their mouths shut.

As many knew from the first day that Trump threw his hat in the ring, he is not a fit for this role, where one must carefully listen to input, weigh the options, and set aside raw ego for the greater good and consensus. If Trump’s own people cannot give him input or any kind of dissent, we are in trouble.

Added to this fundamental lack of a fit between the way the business and government worlds work is Trump’s malignant ego narcissism, where any disagreement, not matter how small, leads to angry Tweets, out of control humiliation of the person doing the disagreeing, and even firing those he does not agree with. Each disagreement is seen as a personal attack and he responds in kind.

I can’t imagine any normal staffers of Trump’s being able to stick it out in these kinds of working conditions.

Bannon: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Spicer: “The president has a very clear vision. If somebody has a problem with that agenda, that does call into question whether or not they should continue in that post.”

And the American people, since 1776, also have a very clear agenda: if someone has a problem with the Founding Fathers’ agenda of free speech, freedom to dissent on policy matters, freedom of the press and freedom from religious persecution etc., all of which Trump and Bannon have, well that calls into question whether or not they should continue in that post too.

I doubt that the new administration will go as far as to renew torture, but it’s early enough to imagine what policy rollbacks will push this great country back to an unknown time of past greatness. It’s no so great that the President wallows in ignorance, non-compassion, and outright character assassination. One day he’ll go too far and the entire country will suffer the consequences. A trade war? An ‘unprovoked’ military attack? An overridden veto? The list is large at this point and I hope it gets smaller.

So go ahead and cheer the unfolding debacle Republicans. You just set fire to your own house.

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  1. I’m glad I’ve taken up kickboxing, because now I have access to a punching bag any time I want…and it’s going to take a lot of hits before I’m calm enough not to scream in frustration…aiming for Zen just isn’t doing much for me right now.

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