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Investigate Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims Because He Cheated w/ #CrossCheck

By Bobby M.

In a recent Politico poll, results showed that if voter fraud happened, 35% of people say it benefited Trump instead of Clinton. This was asked of their respondents because of Trump’s continued insistence to the press that voter fraud was the reason for him losing in the popular vote. While some have centered on immigrants illegally voting being the basis for these claims, the real focus is supposedly about how he thinks some people are voting multiple times in different states.

Much of this belief is due to him buying into what Kris Kobach has told him. If you are not aware of that name, he is the Secretary of State for Kansas who developed something called the Interstate Crosscheck system. He is also the same guy that was caught trying to sell Trump on a particular Muslim ban plan during a meeting just after the election. He coordinated with other Republican secretaries of state to make this system work.

Perhaps you have heard me discuss all of this on before here and here. For those of you needing a refresher, #CrossCheck was just another voter suppression tool where states shared their voter rolls with one another and compiled the info into a list, that according to Kobach, were people that were registered to vote in more than one state. But in truth, the people listed were just those with similar names who were racially profiled against to vote Democrat. Further detail can be found in Greg Palast’s original account for Rolling Stone magazine and a recap of the whole affair on In fact, if you have the time, Greg Palast also made a movie you can watch he calls #TrumStoleIt.

Ego and self-esteem are the driving factors for Trump to make such a big deal in trying to convince others that he did not lose the popular vote. Some would say it is a deeper problem than that with a medical diagnosis of “Malignant Narcissism” as suggested by psychologists. Barabara Res, a former executive of his, backed up the assessment due to her personal experiences with Trump for decades. And this theory was also just put on further display to the public when he had some television gathering to discuss Black History Month, but his speech was more about himself.

As luck would have it, some of the people closest to Trump are those that are actually registered to vote in multiple states. His own daughter Tiffany is registered in both New York and Pennsylvania. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and son-in-law/political adviser Jared Kushner are also able to vote in more than one state. Even his nominee to be Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin falls into this category. The most ironic connection of all is Gregg Phillips and his registration in Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. This man is said to be Trump’s voter fraud expert regarding his attempts to publicize unsubstantiated claims of dead people voting and creating an app where voters could report people they thought were illegal voters. Obviously the latter really has no basis and relies on racial discrimination.

Can we expect more connections to all of this to happen in the coming weeks? Or how about more occurrences of Trump’s personality disorder relating to his not being able to accept the truth that more people voted against him than for him? Either way, we need to take these assertions seriously because the truth in them might be the only thing that can set us free from his authoritarian rule.

Honoring the commitment to democracy is why I hope that the DNC decide to further investigate these calls into voter fraud. Seriously, how awesome would it be if Trump’s pushing for these probes is what lead to his downfall? Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been trolling Trump for months, but if his calling for the actual case that kicked him out of office were to happen, their best shot at him could be regarding their use of the word, “Ironic”.



(p.s. See if you can figure out the hidden message I inserted into this article as part of a word puzzle involving the first letters of each paragraph)

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