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HahnAmerica Radio Preview: Feb 1st

By Bobby M.

Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point of view from a moderate, a conservative, and a liberal. You can catch the most recent episode when you follow this link (as well as its preview) and older podcasts can be found here.

Here are some of the possible topics that I hope they discuss tonight…

  • Trump’s campaign promise of banning Muslims has happened. Except he does not call it that in a number of different ways
  • Many people call this executive order unconstitutional, including judges who tried to block parts of it. This even led to the acting Attorney General getting fired because she refused to enforce it
  • Protests all over the country and the globe both have happened over the policy
  • Will Republicans who bashed this as a campaign promise do anything now that it is a reality?
  • Two Republicans found some courage to not validate Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Will another join them? Will this prove to people of America that the GOP care more about party than the constituents who they are supposed to represent?
  • The National Security Council was altered to downgrade certain members, while also elevating Steve Bannon
  • Trump’s first counter-terrorism operation that happened in Yemen was riddled with problems
  • The Trump administration deliberately omitted mentioning Jews when they commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day
  •  Black History Month got off to a rough start because Trump discussed himself more than it in a press stunt
  • Talk about all of the calls Trump had over the weekend with various world leaders
  • He and the President of Mexico spoke via telephone after an in-person meeting was cancelled
  • Another call happened today resulted in Trump threatening military action if Mexico, “cannot keep the bad hombres from entering the US”
  • Michael Flynn made a public statement which said the US is putting Iran “On Notice”
  • Rex Tillerson was confirmed to be the Secretary of State
  • Reuters told their reporters to treat their press coverage of Trump as though they are covering an authoritarian leader
  • Russia stepped up its attacks against the Ukraine, while at the same time the Trump administration is softening their stance towards Russia on the matter of Crimea
  • Trump did at least keep Obama’s executive order to protect the LGBT community in place
  • Trump nominated his pick for the Supreme Court and told Mitch McConnell to remove the filibuster from the Senate to get him confirmed
  • Trump keeps calling for an investigation into voter fraud as to why he lost the popular vote


These things and many others may be talked about on their show. A preview of the show can be read about here. Tune in and see, or better yet, call in and ask for yourself.


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