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Protests Erupt Over Trump’s Muslim Ban

By Jason Taylor

The Trump administration, lead by the newly crowned king of national security, Steve Bannon, purposely announced the ban at the end of the business/office day on Friday. That was also the end of the court day.

This was clearly a blatant ploy to keep this order from being instantly shut down. It caused confusion and consternation on Saturday and wasn’t addressed by the court until 9:00. In this way, Trump got maximum attention and maximum drama out of this draconian act.

The cynical view would be that Trump knew that this would be beaten back, but he got 24 hours of antagonizing civil liberties and creating havoc for innocent people out of this. His xenophobic, racist supporters got a big thrill out of seeing Muslims tortured, and that is all they will remember once the executive order is nullified by the courts. Then we will see Trump blame the “activist courts” for making little U.S. children less safe from terrorists.

These are the kind of policies and actions which occur when an ill-prepared person assumes a position such as President of the US.

With apparently little or no understanding of the Constitution and even less regard for it, Trump pursues a course of action as if the USA is his personal entity, subject to his political whims. This is not his first effort to impinge upon the freedom of citizens and is unlikely to be his last. It’s as if he will test our system of democracy by continuously enacting willy nilly mandates just to see how far he can go. Without the constant vigilance and resistance of citizens, this democracy, such as we have, will be in severe jeopardy.

To the extent that the “ban” does not address any of the countries involved in the 9/11 attack, especially Saudi Arabia, suggests just how nefarious the entire situation is.

This may turn out to be a pattern. Trump issues an executive order and then the law reverses it. Trump proposes a wall to guard the southern border but has no idea how it will be paid for. Trump wants to spend billions on infrastructure but the Republican Party does not want to add to the national debt. Trump seeks to scuttle Obamacare but his party has no replacement in place. Trump declares, Trump issues executive orders, and all these declarations and issues of Executive orders get trumped by law or common sense or by his own party. The President is just beginning his very steep learning curve.

Complete chaos at our Nations airports. This whole Executive Order to ban Muslims, and even Green Card holders from selected countries (but not Saudi Arabia?), has the fingerprints of Steve Bannon all over it.

Steve Bannon, writes these Executive Orders, clearly with no input from the State Department, or any Legal opinion, other Government agency, then Donald Trump signs it. And where are the Republicans in Congress, and Senate, the “Party of Lincoln” responding to these ill-advised Executive Orders, from Donald Trump? Conspicuously absent.

What is the tipping point for Republicans in Congress to stand up to our naive, ill-advised, dangerous, clueless and cowardly President. The health and safety of all citizens and the future possibility for a fair and functional democratic republic to exist in the US is at stake.

The greatest threat to the United States and our values in inside the White House, not from outside.

The only bright spot in this whole horrible weekend is that I am seeing in the eyes of many Trump voters the dawning realization that they have made an epic miscalculation and quite frankly the single biggest mistake of their entire lives.

His instability, insanity and vile attitudes are coming to the fore so much faster than even our worst nightmares foretold.

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