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My Letter to My Senators & Congressman

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By Jessica Grant 

Good morning, Congressman (or Senator).

I have lived in this state for 23 years and in our capital city for 18. I have voted for you since you came on the local stage years ago. I have been a lifelong Republican.

This past election, you almost lost my vote. Your apologizing and fence straddling for Trump made me want to vote you out. The only reason you got my vote is because I, like everyone, assumed Trump would lose and I wanted to be sure HRC had checks on her power in the form of a Republican Congress.

Unfortunately, I am regretting this decision. Donald Trump is a bad seed. He has made few decent moves. Otherwise, he has caused more chaos than he has resolved. And it’s only Day 9.

If you and people like you don’t start calling the truth as they see it in regards to the bad policies and messages of this administration, not only can I easily vote for whoever runs against you next time, but more importantly, history will not look kindly on you.

Folks can debate over immigration policy in a respectable manner. But, barring people with green cards and visas and forcing people (including the elderly and children whose parents are not present) to wait in limbo at airports for hours or be returned back is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. The extremely poor and not thought out (at best) and evil (at worst) implementation of this new Trump policy is un-American and just plain nasty.

And, seriously? The omission of Jews from Trump’s Holocaust statement and the removal of military men from the past NSC only to be replaced with Bannon? Just disgusting. Who in their right mind would not speak up against these actions?

It’s time for “conservatives” in Washington to start standing up for the Constitution, truth, and general human decency or I will be quite happy to work against you next cycle.

Thanks for reading,

Jessica Grant

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3 Comments on My Letter to My Senators & Congressman

  1. This is an extremely important message for all of Congress. They all 538 need to stand up for Truth not Trump. We may disagree but we all should believe in what our country represents. Mr. Trump does not. Our congress better start or 2018 will see real leaders elected. I appreciate your post and thank you for it.

  2. I’ve already written similar letters to both my Senators and local House Representative. When I get the standard “reply” as I have in the past, I’ll start making phone calls reiterating what I had written to them. It’s time to help wake up the American people.

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