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President Chaos Strikes Again

By Jason Taylor

Out of the altered reality, conspiracy theory, and empty head of our master conman and gifted flimflam artist, serial liar, and manically insecure President a fools plan for another fool’s errand. Add this to Crowdgate and 3–5 million Votegate. Donald Trump’s solution to solve another delusional non-problem, a sectarian, xenophobic, and un-American flimflam immigration scheme for the consumption of his hapless gullible and ignorant lemmings.

Let’s be clear these are not just the actions of one man. Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, the other extremists now in power are answerable for this. Donald Trump did not write this order, this is a collective effort. All these people are responsible and should be ashamed for attempting to ruin what America stands for. There is a whole movement behind this, all needs to be brought to light.

The constitutionality of such executive orders is one thing, the morality is another. On the latter grounds, it’s unconscionable to disallow a husband and father into the country with a valid visa issued after thorough vetting and then separate him from his wife and children already in the U.S. legally. It’s categorically cruel. We know nuance is alien to the language of the Trump administration, but this is grotesque and abhorrent in the extreme.

Beyond that, let’s see the possible larger political consequences. Every action like that gets magnified in the Middle Eastern popular imagination beyond its immediate victims to the general arena of relations with the U.S. Not only will various groups of Sunni jihadists now get added ammunition for their anti-American tirades and violence around the world, even some Shia factions of Iraq, already better disposed toward their coreligionists in Iran, are likely to be inflamed as well.

What can be gained at all by putting both Iraq and Iran on an undifferentiated black list? Iraq, after all, is a country for whose liberation from Saddam Hussein, the U.S. unleashed the bloodiest war after Vietnam and whose defense the U.S. is still actively committed to.

This is what happens when a man who doesn’t think things through before acting, takes a sweeping, generalized action. First, individual people are harmed, as we see in this story. Next, more and more people around the world turn against the United States because they see that we do not live up to the values that we espouse. Contrary to what those who voted for this president think, and contrary to what he himself says, actions like this do not make us safer. In fact, they do the opposite.

President Trump is proving to be even eviler than originally thought. If he had even a sliver of compassion you would institute a grace period and not simply slam the door shut on families that have already mobilized and are on their way.

This is the opposite of America. Trump and the present GOP are the opposite of leadership. Just as the good “Christian” base who voted for them acts in a way that is the opposite of the teaching to which they supposedly profess.

You shame our country. You poison everything. And, more than anything else, you destroy yourselves. You are hypocrites. You lack the holy trinity of mind, heart, and soul. And in your sad world of us and them, of right and wrong, of good and bad?

You are bad.

I am ashamed of my country. Because its leadership is shameful.

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