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Remember When?

By Lorana Hoopes

Remember when Cecile Richards stood up and said we couldn’t cut funding from Planned Parenthood because of all the necessary services it provided like prenatal care? I mean, who would want to take that away from low income women? Even pro-life women would want them to have coverage during their pregnancy.

Except it turns out that Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer prenatal services.

In fact, some of their clinics don’t even have an ob-gyn on site, which has been another argument against de-funding them. People have been claiming that since not all community health centers have an ob-gyn that they couldn’t possible take on all the clients of Planned Parenthood. Of course, that becomes a lot easier when Planned Parenthood doesn’t have ob-gyns either.

Live Action launched a new investigative series this week that has video and audio tape of women calling and visiting clinics asking for prenatal services. Only five of the ninety-seven clinics offered such care. Most clinics said that no Planned Parenthood offered prenatal care because they offered terminations. Some even agreed that the name Planned Parenthood was misleading when what they actually did was keep you from being a parent. (scroll down until you see the pink video)

While I still have concerns with Trump, he is proving to be supportive of the pro-life cause and I hope with this new information that he and Congress finally de-fund this atrocious center.

Elie Weizel, Holocaust survivor and author of Night, said once that the death of even one child was too many. I wonder how he would feel if he knew we have now killed more babies than all the people who died in World War 2.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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